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  • Questions Reagrding Music

    Couple of questions regarding music.

    1) Can you download the music from the CD and get the game to play it off the hard drive? If So, how?

    2) Where are the music files on the CD.

    Thanks for any help

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    1) You can use a simple program like Musicmatch Jukebox if you dont want to mess around too much it just rips the music off into mp3's. Some people will say others like CDex or AudioGrabber but they dont like my CD drives.

    You can also rip the whole cd image into one file on your hard drive and play the audio as cda from there, use a program like Nero or something but thats going abit far for a few music tracks.

    2) You cant view them with windows explorer, only a program told to look for cda (cd audio) files.
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      I posted the same question a while ago. I didn't want to put them on a CD, I just wanted to be able to rip them and put them on my iPod.

      Audiograbber is an outstanding program, as you can't 'see' the tracks, like you can in Civ 3. I ripped them off of the CD with no huge problem, even though I had to go through and manually add the names onto the tracks. I ripped the music off of CTP 1 and 2.

      If you have any problems, post on here and I'll see if I can help.
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        Thanks for the help.

        Can U download any of the necessary programs and a site please.


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            Ok, I have downloaded audio grabber.

            How do I get the ctp2 game to play my revised music once I start up the game?


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              I don't know about using your own music in CTP2. All I know about was getting the music from the disk. Hopefully, another friendly Apolyton source can help you out on that one.
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                You'll have to play the music with some other program in the background whilst you're running CTP - CTP itself won't play anything but the tracks on the CD.


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                    Actually, you can replace your CtP CD with some other CD as well and the game will simply play the music on that other CD...
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                      Or you can put the CTP2(or1) cd in a normal music cd player and simply skip track1 - it will play all the music traks on the cd, i sometimes relax with a good book this way(as the music is very soothing!)
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                        Hi Locutus,

                        Can you elaborate a bit pls.

                        Do you mean fire up the game then once started, replace the ctp 2 cd with a music cd?

                        I was thinking of burning a new ctp2 cd, firstly adding to the existing tracks on the cd. So when the game played a particular track, it would be twice as long with, say, a ctp 1 track added.

                        Thanks for your help.


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                          Originally posted by stankarp
                          Do you mean fire up the game then once started, replace the ctp 2 cd with a music cd?
                          yep that works, though it will only play the tracks 2 to (dunno, # of tracks on the ctp2cd) unless you edit the playlist (in userprofile iirc)


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                            I wanted to add a bit of thump to the CTP2 music, after all if U are conquering the world, the music needs a bit of thump, maybe the 1812 overture and the theme from Zulu and Ben Hur


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                              What Zaphod said, except that the playlist is stored in playlist.txt in the default\gamedata folder.

                              So in your case you could just add more tracks to the CD and just add them to playlist.txt to make sure they are actually being played. But I'm not sure how much room for this there is on the CD, can't image it's an awful lot...

                              I also think that if you would use a non-CD hack, you can insert the music CD even before launching the game. But I'm not entirely sure of that as I always use WinAmp for the music myself. That may be an easier (and certainly more flexible) solution for you as well, if you want a wider selection of background music. IMO the best part about that is that the music keeps playing if you alt-tab to 'poly during the game
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