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Any 1 got 'City Expansion'

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  • Any 1 got 'City Expansion'

    I was looking at the recent forum:

    "Alternaye Sci-fi Mod completed!"

    And BlueO had included a 'city expansion' which he then gave to a few people. So could someone who has that city expansion file, post it in here in a *.ZIP file,
    Please, Thanks!

    ps. The reason i didn't post him to BlueO himself in an e-mail or whatever is coz I think other people have too.

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    It should be in the Apolyton CtP2 Database. I know he didn't email it to me, but I have got it, so its online somewhere... If not, try Martin Guehmann's site.
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      Originally posted by freestyler
      "Alternaye Sci-fi Mod completed!"
      That is long ago, therefore it is in the Apolyton CtP2 Database. If you like to play the Alternate Science Mod, you need four files from the database:

      Renaissance Amazons

      Hi-Tech Amazons

      Hi-Tech Sci-fi Units

      Alternate Science Mod

      And a modified battleview.ldl. That was the only component that I didn't find somewhere therefore I had to make my own one, for the purpose to help WesW to implement the city expansion set into his mod. So far that was the only thing that I ever finished for that goal. I attached a version of this file including player1's modifications of that file.

      If you only want to add the Citysprawl Mod to your setup you only need this file. But note in contrast to its name in the database it doen't contain a mod. It only contains the necessary text files or changes/additions of these textfiles.

      Therefore you have to put some work into it to get it to work. Or you can play BlueO's mod at once, but note that it is an scenario based not an ModSwapper mod therefore you have to start ModSwapper with Original Game.

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