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Automatic embassy with new nations

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  • Automatic embassy with new nations

    Is it supposed to be so that if one nation is totally killed and revolution forms a new nation. Then you get automatically embassy with that nation. This happened two times to me with apol.

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    As I caused a revolution in an AI city and visited it wit my regulary troops after a while I gottn't any contact. I may wipe them out if I only have enough troops there without declaring war or noticing them in APOL. I guess that is a problem in Diplomod, that you must meet units of them to get contact.

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      Phantom Diplomat

      Hello Gang!

      Mr. Dale thank you for making CTP2 the game it ought to be! Thank you again. I just finished playing a MEDIUM level game. And a curious thing happened. I had a diplomat killed by an enemy before establishing an embassy. From then on, every time I got a cease-fire treaty in effect, the DEAD DIPLOMAT "woke" from the grave and establish embassies with the faction I just made peace with. The diplomat was not listed in the Unit Manager tab.

      Was this part of the MOD pack. I was using APOLYTON PACK V1.01. I have MODSWAPPER installed and the official CTP2 pack installed as well.

      Any ideas?
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        Thanks for the compliments.

        The situation you describe is a deliberate game enhancement by myself. I got sick of having to re-establish embassies all the time with AI's, especially when they were on the other side of the world. So I wrote into Diplomod/Apolyton MODS the auto-ability of re-establishing embassies.

        You won't see the diplomat doing this in any unit tabs as it is only alive for one turn. It gets disbanded after creating the embassy.