I am ElmoThElk, artist and webdesigner of Guns, Germs & Steel, or GGS. It's an alternative civ-like game we are making. You might have heard from us, since we have our own forum here at apolyton.

We are currently searching for someone who can draw units, terrain, icons, etc. for us to use in the game. The drawings will probably be somewhat different then in civ2 though. Our game is still 2d, but we use a hex-grid for example, rather than squares.

The units/etc. we need are pretty open now. At least we need units for all periods in history, from about 4000 BC to at least 2000 AC. Then icon format is fairly open now, altough there is a special specification: we use armies.

Rather than single units, we use armies in our game. That won't be totally different then in civ, but you have to get this in mind. Where you want to place attack points, move points, health, etc. (or not) is up to you.

See this as a challenge and want to work on a new and innovative game? You think you can deliver quality images? Like to work in a great team? Mail us at our mailing list, me or visit our forum. For more info on the game, please visit our forum or see the official website.

Artist/Webmaster of GGS