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Some CTP1 flags still work

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  • Harlan
    I tried adding in a couple of other CTP1 wonder effects, and the results weren't as good. I guess I got lucky with the first one. I tried adding MultiplyTradeRoutes, AllBoatsDeepWater, EmbassiesEverywhere, and FreeTradeRoutes. The good news is, none of these flags causes the game to crash. The bad news is, they aren't necessarily implemented. For instance AllBoatsDeepWater allows a boat that can't normally go into deep water go there, whereupon it immediately dies! EmbassiesEverywhere worked. The other two had no effect.

    There are some other CTP1 only wonder flags and a few building flags that I haven't checked out.

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  • Harlan
    started a topic Some CTP1 flags still work

    Some CTP1 flags still work

    Interesting tidbit. As I'm fixing the Alexander scenario, I thought I'd like to have the Hagia Sophia effect from CTP1 where the happiness effect of any building with the "cathedral" flag is doubled. I noticed too that some buildings in CTP2 are flagged as Cathedrals, even though it doesn't do anything. So I put in the text IncreaseCathedrals 100 in one of the wonders for CTP2, and amazingly enough, it worked!

    CTP1's syntax was like this:

    and CTP2's is like this:
    IncreaseCathedrals 100

    I'm especially surprised this works, given the change of syntax. I wonder how many more of the flags from CTP1 for wonders and buildings still work? Maybe all of them??

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