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  • Diodorus Sicilus
    ContradictioN, while you're at it, here's a (first) list of what a lot of folks have posted about seeing...
    1. A chariot for the first mobile/flanker unit in the game. Something along the lines of an Egyptian or Near Eastern light chariot with driver and archer would be very, very appreciated.
    2. A good 'barbarian only' horse archer, along the lines of a Hun or Mongol fellow with bowcase, maybe a spear with a head on it.
    And what I'd personally like to see, since I'd like to add them to my own slowly evolving Mod/Tech Tree...
    1. A Public Works image, a Castle - typical medieval stone or a timber and earth "motte and bailey" type - I ain't particular. I want to add it as a defensive fortification with attack and defense factors for Fuedalism.
    2. A City addition graphic, the Vauban-type City Rampart to replace the original City Wall after gunpowder cannon or culverins become available.
    3. An animated unit graphic of a nineteenth century-type Rifleman. Something in blue coat, red or light blue trousers, boots, and maybe a silvered spiked helmet just to be utterly distinctive: the game needs an infantry defensive/offensive unit between the first gunpowder musketeers and the machinegunners and marines of the 20th century.
    4. An animated unit replacement for the current Fighter. Why, why, why did they decide to use a P-38 twin-engine graphic? Pullleeeeze, someone make up a nice animation of a Spitfire, P-51, Bf-109, Yak-1 - any of the great WWII single-engine fighters that practically defined the breed!
    Of course, all the current 'modern' and later graphics could be improved mightily - the sample CivIII graphics that just got posted show how much better even the basic stills could be made. Unfortuneately, while I used to do some cartooning, I have no expeerience with computer graphics. If you need basic 'stills' for anything, though, I have a considerable library of military history material from which I can try and scan stuff and email direct to anyone working on graphics for the CtPII Mods.

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  • Harlan
    Did you get started on making graphics yet? Did anyone point you to the programs that allows one to convert graphics to the .spr format so you can make fully animated stuff?

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  • OmniGod
    Searchith and ye shall find

    BTW... I'm looking for an Apache Attaack Chopper if your in the market to build one for me... I may be able to map... but I can't draw

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest started a topic Graphics


    Ok, I'm a graphic designer, I can animate, so on and so on, but programming isn't my area yet, I want to get into it, but its taking a lot of my time up.

    Anyway, I dun like most of CTP's images, they are too big, or too clumsy, I can't quite work out why I don't like them, maybe its because the units look too 'fine'.

    I REALLY want to get into making good looking ANIMATED units, not just that but terrains, cities, and everything else.

    I want to know if anyone out there knows of a way to do it yet, or when I will get the chance to do it. In my opinion, modifying it is the only way to make CTP2 really good, why dun Activision help us in this area? I dunno, no point whinging about it tho, must at least try to fix the problems.