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SLIC to improve diplomatic relations?

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  • SLIC to improve diplomatic relations?

    Okay, I'm a big SLIC fan, though I don't know an iota of SLIC programming.

    But, if it's not possible to make the AIs like each other (c'mon, every AI is at war with every other AI all the time. How worse could the diplomacy programming have been?), by tweaking game constants, then how about using a simple SLIC program.

    If you want to completely avoid having the AIs fight with each other (as an extreme solution, say), you can put in a simple line in the diplomacy.slc to the effect,

    Begin AI turn{
    "Every few turns, give 100 gold to every other AI"

    I suppose this should make all the AIs go out partying together in no time!! Also, note the slyness of this piece of evil code - the AIs are not actually losing any gold in the balance!

    The trickier part would be to write code that has each AI pick an (one and only one) HOTENEMY which it won't give gold to, without creating a snowball effect where eventually they'e all fighting each other again.

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    Well, there is a *lot* of diplomacy related SLIC code, so you can do an awful lot in this area. You don't even have to let the AIs give eachother money. It's sufficent to use the LogRegardEvent function or event (this is done several times in the Alexander scenarios).
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      Oh okay. I thought LogRegard... was meant to check the regard the AI has, not to change its regard. Perhaps I was mistaken.

      I couldn't figure out the format for a lot of the diplomacy functions. There's not enough info. in the files.

      When are we getting the SLIC documentation from actvision?