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Mod w/randomly placed neutral cities?

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    What if we created a government specifically for that purpose? They couldnt build settlers, and no one could ever discover that gov. In essence, this "civ" would start with an urban planner type because when they build a city it has some improvements from day 1. A new type no one else could build could be assigned with even more improvements. Seems like the only hard part would be how to differientiate that one "civ" from the others at start, but the rest seems feasible.

    Like a lost city of atlantis type scenario.

    EXCELLENT idea Skidoo.

    History is written by the victor.

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    started a topic Mod w/randomly placed neutral cities?

    Mod w/randomly placed neutral cities?

    Has anyone ever created a mod that can randomly place cities, sort of like goodies huts, but with random population levels and improvements, possibly even units? Anyone have an idea how to do this?

    The idea would be this: cities not assigned to any players, including barbarians, but otherwise fully functional as cities. Perhaps a city governor could be active until the city is occupied by a player (whether AI or human). However, these wouldn't be goodie hut populations that want to join your civ; they'd be autonomous city states, and you might actually have to forcibly take them.

    Also, when generating a random map - using mod units, SLIC and rules etc., these cities would be randomly placed at time of map generation. Does this even sound possible?