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Omni Project II - The North Atlantic

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  • Omni Project II - The North Atlantic

    Well the project is coming along...

    I have choosen to build a map from 90W to 90E and from the North Pole to 15S.... basically the whole Atlantic Ocean and neighbouring land masses. The specs for the map are 210x300... the largest CTP2 undertaking with 13 civs... this map will be focused on mid to upper end machines, but the hardcore civers will play it just to get the realism. (Every 30 degrees is approximately 80 tiles) And for those who wanted a big enough UK, I've placed 6 cites on the two islands and the edges of the zones of control when cities maxed just touch.... you'll be much pleased... The time frame on this project is about 35 hours and should be ready for Mark's posting this weekend barring any unforseen school or lab work.... I'll post a preview of the map on my site later tonight (actually later this morning... it's 1:07am EST)...

    Day 1 preview is up

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    You can bet I will download this juicy map ASAP.
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      I know you drooled... no joking here


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        Day 2 preview of Omni Project II

        The base map has been completed, just have to include some vegetation, rivers, modify the ocean and the map will be complete... anyone want this map? (it really is for people with mid to high systems since it is so large, but you can cut and paste areas out to make some smaller maps... if you like)

        Just looking at it, do you see any inherent errors. If you look really close and know where Prince Edward Island, Canada is you'll see that even that 50,000 people island is included... this map is huge.

        Ideas for scenarios that I'll release will be
        1. Roman-Greco era, what if they didn't fall so many years ago
        2. European colonization. Since Europe is big enough and so is North America, why not...
        3. World War I - all fronts are included

        Any other ideas...


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          Do post this map of yours when you have it completed. I definitely want it.
          A lot of Republicans are not racist, but a lot of racists are Republican.


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            Don't cha worry... I'll post it.. and I've got a couple other ones that I'd like to do... including

            The New World with bits of Europe... Colonization

            Pacific front 90N to 90S and +120E to -120W -->approx

            Europe approx scale 200x300 or 100x150.. not quite sure

            Any other ideas... or requests... I've got time now until January when midterms and practicals kick in...



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              Preview Day 3

              Started a little late tonight, but got most of the southern half of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Then started to work in Ontario, Eastern US and the UK....



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                Day 4 Preview is up and I'm not done today... just got a clinic thing to do...

                But today's update includes a completed Africa, Middle East, UK, Sub Continent... and later tonight Asia and Eastern Europe...


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                  Mark- when is the downloads section going to be opened so files like this will be available?


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                    Who needs the download section to download my maps, although they'll be there too when its openned... just keep checking in the forum... I'll post every new thing that I publish on my site...

                    No need to fret my pet



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                      Just wanted to let you know I enjoy the day-by-day preview of your maps. And, as usual, your maps are terrific.
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                        Day 4 post 2... Okay, it's the normal time for a Omni update and here it is...

                        Today's map completions now include, THE WHOLE OF THE OLD WORLD (up to 90E at least)... all that's left include North and South America aswell as the rifts of the ocean... anyone know a good site for ocean floor topography..... doesn't need to be great but not really crappy either... anyway the day is up and the new preview is up...

                        and Don... glad your enjoying the d-2-d previews, I think it's a good way to show long and tedious it is to make a none bmp2ctp2 map, and to increase the interest level in the map... hey I should be the marketing person for Activision.... hmmm... maybe then we could have commented a little more with each little bit we saw....

                        By the way... it's still open, if you see something that just doesn't seem right, post it and I'll get back to you..



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                          Did you ever play Colonization?
                          there is a great map of the Americas in that game.


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                            I did and I still have it here somewhere...

                            OH and by the way... the Map is done, other than testing, tweaking and ocean floor...

                            I'll post it later today...

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