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another question about tileimps

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  • another question about tileimps

    while i was experimenting with some code from different mods/mod-add-ons i was thinking:
    why can't a wondertimp and a cityexpansion timp share the same place? if you have a look at some places in the world, this really happens. some combinations look quite cool (ancient town with pyramids, modern city with empire state building) others for a pity are not noticeable at all, for instance the nice small hill with the hollywood letters on it can't be seen when a town is at the same place. i would like to change that, but can't think of any solution other than to rewrite the entries from apoltilefile which i don't want. does anybody have any other idea how to handle this?

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    A lot of work for little payoff, IMO

    This would require a reworking of all the current graphics. There would have to be a standardized footprint so that both elements would blend together naturally - either that, or you will have to make a lot of different suburb tiles to fit the different wonders - and these would also need their own tileimp.txt entries.
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