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    After a very long time, it seems the turn has finally arrived !

    However, I leave on holiday for about a week this evening, so I will not be able to play nor discuss the turn.
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    Is this 880? I just started a 860 thread over there
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      yes, I was confused :-)
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        Wow, this mistaken thread is over a month old and still the turn it talks about hasn't arrived.

        So, if we declare ourselves winners will anyone even show up to argue with us? Should we wait for one of the others to do it? Some seem to be leaning that way.


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          OK, turn is in...

          What I did:

          Move the 2 knights into GS territory, they are now exactly 2 tiles from GS capital, so theoretically we can capture it next turn, but I think they'll put up emergency defenses, so we will probably have to retreat / just pillage. There is one knight visible, who is guarding a silver mine.

          I am returning the galley NE to pick up 2 other knights.
          -> It passed the iron resource we pillaged. It is unguarded, but being rebuild by 2 workers.
          -> It can also see the landing site we used for the surprise attack on their ivory. That landing site is now guarded by 1 longbowman and 1 skirmisher.
          (see complete battle overview screenshot below)

          I moved the lonely maceman further SE. It noticed 1 damaged war elephant (4.6/8) on a hill. It should probably just move south towards the former Vox capital, to help cut off any military support from there once we attack their main holdout at Carnero Tempest.

          I moved the galley near Mercs to the north along the coast. We now have the complete coast of the "other continent" mapped.

          I moved the other galley further from Sarantium towards our "inner sea" between AC en GS. It has not yet encountered anything interesting.

          Battle overview (only units not moved this turn here is our main force):

          For our main force, there are a lot of units in there that still have some unused promotions left.

          there are some other troops underway :
          2 turns from rally point : 1 pikeman + 1 maceman
          4 turns from rally point : 1 pikeman
          5 turns from rally point : 1 pikeman
          6 turns from rally point : 1 pikeman

          However, I would not wait for them.
          I don't know if it is safe to move our current stack inside GS' territory, but I don't believe another turn of this game will reach us, so let's just move in to show our dedication to winning this game. :-)

          I mainly took all these screenshots and efforst for the guests of the other teams though, I am planning to post the victory thread.

          Here is the midturn, the only things left to decide
          => Do we move our stack into GS' territory now ?
          => Do we post the victory thread ?
          => Do we remove the password and post our turn publicly ?

          I am in favour of all three of those, but I don't know how "accepted" they are...
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            and the midturn...

            (these quick reply boxes really should have an "attachment" option)
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              We can't remove the password and post publicly until people have agreed to end the game. It's not fair on everyone to ruin the game for them.

              We should post the victory thread.

              I'm not sure about moving the stack in. The only real reason to do it right now is to force the ending of the game early. If they've only just seen those two knights (completely forgotten where they were, sorry) they've not had time to be divided. And they'll be even more divided when we have two more.

              It just seems like for winning we should wait a turn or two before charging in, especially if it gives us a pikeman. I'm not personally ready to gamble on it forcing GS' surrender.


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                Heh, just read the main forum. If GS is one person then show of strength gambles work much better.

                But it seems like we don't even need to


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                  OK, thanks, I'll post the victory thread and just press endturn on the turn as it is now.
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                    we got 2 great people in Being
                    completing music as first => great artist : Homer
                    our GP bar was full => great scientist : Socrates

                    The rest of our planned technology research = Education (2574) -> Philosopy (1144) -> Liberalism (2002)

                    Our great scientist could give us 1704 beakers for education, but, building an academy in Being is probably the better long-term option : +4 culture, +50% research

                    Our great artist can give us 1136 beakers for Divine Right (1716). Divine Right gives us Islam, the only unfounded religion that's left. A great work, a plain +4000 culture shot is not usefull in Being, and will probably not be very effective in the core GS territory either...

                    endturn attached
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                      Seems to be continuing.

                      Turn 900 is on the move.
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                        btw I tried to look at the 880 end turn attached above but I didn't know where to save it, nor how to open it.

                        So if someone could point me in the right direction.
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                          If the turns keep coming then I would recommend we not go for the hail-marry attack on GS capitol, I'd pillage their valuable towns, each knight can do one pillage knocking the Town down to Hamlet status setting it back a full 60 turns of growth. They can them move south and repeat on the next turn. Ultimately we should take out the Copper mine to continue choking GS of Hammers. Our next set of Knights should try to capture the workers re-building the Iron mines, if captured the workers can be immediately evacuated by boat adding to our own supply while crippling GS's rebuilding operations. A guerrilla war of pillaging and worker harassment can bring GS's internal development to a grinding halt allowing us to Tech-up and beat them with virtually no losses in a 20-30 turn time frame.

                          I'd immediately convert the GS into an Academy in Beijing (its far and away the more better choice). I think we can safely make a grab at Divine Right with the Artist, it will take a few additional turns to polish it off with a few additional turns of research but no ones going to hit Liberalism before us even with a small diversion.
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