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    Due to various reasons I decided to stop doing the foreign intelligence data. I'm uploading the latest excel sheet, but it's not yet finished for 425 BC.

    The reasons I decided this :
    => It takes more and more time each turn. (curretnly +/- 1 hour)
    => Each turn some small uncertainties slip in (theoretically something else was possible, but with a very low probabillity). I think currently there are atleast 2 of these guesses which are wrong, but I have no idea where. Trying to continue to work on it when you suspect there are errors in the previous turns is not fun and not usefull.
    => Now the bananas are practically dead, we don't need it for them anymore. If we put a unit of ours around GS/Vox territory, we'll learn more about their war than the score analysis can tell.
    => Important events (like the loss of a city) can be easily spotted in the graphs (the culture graph goes down suddenly) one turn later.
    => We don't have contact yet with the teams on the other continent, so it doesn't really matter to know exactly how they are doing. We'll have enough information from the graphs when we have contact with them.
    => The most important benefit was guessing techs, but we can see them now exactly for those we have contact with since we have writing.
    => Wonders are announced in the log. If we have contact with the builder, we know who built it.

    I might start again once banana and vox are killed. That will leave us with only 4 rivals and might make guessing easier again.
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      sorry, I forgot to attach it.

      There's a macro in it, you'll probably get a warning from it. If you don't trust it, you can disable it, it's only for sorting the teams by score, not for calculating anything.
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        What do we think about the other continent now ? UnO mentionned lots of losses for their military oponent, but I think he might as well be talking about barbs.
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          And to that team who is at war with us, you have considerably fewer units than you did in 125BC. No matter which results are taken.
          Barbs ain't a team.

          The reference, I think, is to Horde.
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