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    The mod won't load at all. When I try to load the mod I get a bunch of errors like this.


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      civ4/mac looks like this:
      %maindrive%/Applications/Civilization IV/Mods/

      I tried moving everything to match:
      %maindrive%/program files/sid meier's civilization 4/mods/

      but got the same results.


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        Sorry, I don't know much about Civ4 Mac. :/ Is it actually compatible with the PC version? I seem to recall that the XML format is supposed to be cross-platform, but it does seem to be running into trouble.


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          Hmm, i'm not sure the directory structure is the same. Check to see if the described directory is set up the same way as the way I set it up ... make sure there's a file in a folder xml\test\gametextinfos_mercs.xml, and that you can edit it (ie make sure the text stayed in the right format). Your directory structure *looks* the same, but honestly I can't tell for sure without being logged in myself It's also easily possible that the unzip program didn't maintain the directory structure properly ...

          Also, mac is a unix-based system, meaning case sensitive file names. I can by no means guarantee I behaved myself in my file naming - check to see how they're named (capital letters or not).
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   has some tips, though it looks like you seem to know most of that already. Try using some of those other directories (the Customassets directory), though I think that's more for .dll files rather than xml mods.

            I wouldn't be surprised to see the lowercase/uppercase issue be part of the problem. But then again, it looks like it's failing on load of the xml file itself, meaning it at least found the file. Try replacing it with the attached file here ... see if that makes a difference. Also make 100% sure that you can edit the file and that it looks 'right'. Finally, try deleting the comments at the top, see if that affects things (it's possible that the mac xml library is more strict than the pc one, most of the firaxis xml files are really messy and this one isn't even a firaxis file) ...

            What's odd to me is that it's failing on line 0,0. Usually it fails on a specific line. That's why I think it may be failing to find the file properly or something ...
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            <Reverend> IRC is just multiplayer notepad.
            I like your SNOOPY POSTER! - While you Wait quote.


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              Coming near the end game.

              Any special rules apply.
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                Special rules?

                My understanding was this was only for the custom flags. (and team info for those that supplied it.)
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