Heya, just to keep you all up on where we're at, I thought I'd start a new thread.

We're basically ready to go. The reason we've been delaying, is the anticipation of a new patch, which I've heard is close to release. No point starting now and then restarting not long after

Aeson and I have found a map, balanced it (nothing huge, it was a pretty nice map), and saved it, ready to start a game with when the patch comes out.

Things still to be done:
  • Finish customizing civs (3/7 done)
  • Finish civ icons (5/7 done)
  • Determine "metagame" rules (Sunday?)
  • Drink a diet soda (hmm, yumm)

That's about it. I won't delay the start of the game to finish the mod, so anything that's not done by patch release, whenever that is, isn't done...

Some decisions we made on the fly last night ...
  • The turn order was set mostly randomly, but the top two spots were merc and vox, as they got secondary civ choices.
  • Continents, NOT custom continents. Trust me, CUSTOM continents looked horrid, and were never nearly balanced; on the other hand, Continents made a good map on the second try. Custom continents kept giving grids, like the one that was 6 continents in a dice pattern ... or the really cool but not good one that was one HUGE sprawly continent with a tundra-continent with Banana alone on it Although Continents is always risky, it ultimately made a much better map than anything we could get on Custom, so long as we previewed it.

Full civ order, btw:
  • Merc
  • Vox
  • Banana
  • GS
  • Horde
  • AC
  • Sarantium

So not so far from the actual opposite of the roll ... AC and Sarantium flipped, and GS a bit further down, but they all got their first choices

If for any reason there is no official patch by the end of next week (Feb 23), I'll make screenshots of the starting location for each civ, and distribute them before the weekend (but remind me, i might be busy). IF THAT HAPPENS, THERE WILL BE ANOTHER WEEK'S DELAY. I'm on vacation Feb 24-March 4, and Aeson doesn't have his Civ4 at the moment, so if we can't get the game out by then, we'll have to wait a week. I hope that the patch will be out by then, but if not, my apologies. At least you'll have screenies to look at.