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    Does anyone know when Civ 4 will be available in Hong Kong stores? (not pirated copies!)

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    Anybody got up to date news on (non-pirated) Civ4 availability in Hong Kong? It must be just about the last place in the developed world to get the game. It will also be very cheap here - I'm told it will cost only HK$280 (i.e. US$36, compared to US$50 at Amazon).

    Maybe the holdup is to encourage buyers of legit Civ4 to purchase at higher prices from abroad? It would be a great pity if it's real consequence were simply to encourage those same people to buy the pirated version.

    I must confess the delay has tempted me to buy a much cheaper pirated version right now. But I have resisted the temptation because piracy is just plain stealing. I wonder, though, how money others have lost patience?


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      I found the game last Saturday (2005/11/12) in Wan Chai Computer Centre, in the game store on the second floor.

      It has a thick manual (too small IMO) and the tech chart is in English
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        In Hong Kong at the shop Urban Ranger mentioned it costs HK$288.00 (US$38). I picked up a copy yesterday. It appears to be the European version and carried the PEGI Age 12 rating.
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