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Is your Special Edition manual bound on the right, and upside down cover?

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  • Is your Special Edition manual bound on the right, and upside down cover?

    ...mine is. The covers is also upside down. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't english read from left to right? Nice job on ruining my first impersion of the game 2K, and making me send back the manual (IF I can get them to fix it).


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    Thank you, come again.
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    Do It Ourselves


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      and the cds are mislabeled.

      and the game don't work!

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        well it could be worse. Look at moo3.


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          My manual and discs are fine, but my wall poster is in French!


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            It is a veritable comedy of errors.

            Or something.

            I'm tired.


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              The discs are mislabeled, but that DOES NOT affect the actual function of the game...not to worry, you have a "COLLECTOR'S EDITION", kinda like when Green Jelly was known as Green Jello.


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                No, but I did get a nice Tech Tree poster.... in French, along with the incorrectly labeled CD's (the "Install" CD is actually the one required to play the game, the "Play" CD is actually the second install CD).

                Guess somebody was a little rushed to get the game out.


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                  Out sourcing jobs at its best. Really worth it. Now go try to get your money back or return. The store tells you go talk to the manufacture it is not our fault, yeah we sold it to you but it is open software and we are not responsible. So go away.

                  NEVER again buy pre-order. Have the thing in your hand and open it to see what is inside before ever buying from these thieves again.

                  No one has gotten a replacement for the French tech tree. They were placed into the SPECIAL EDTION and dumped on everyone who pe-order.

                  Three weeks ans still no replacement.

                  Maybe they can hire monkeys to package the games?

                  At least they have some intelligence.