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Irrigation through Hills with Cities?

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    This dates back to the first patch of PTW (the one that was released the same day as the game was). In the PTWDG, RP's Capitol of Madrid was settled on a hill, next to a River. We had a Cow on the other side and sent our worker there to Irrigate and road it. We were quite suprised and actually outraged when we found out that we couldn't irrigate it through the city (it would have changed what we were planning to do right off the bat if we had known). It might have been changed back in a later patch, but we didn't look to see if that was true.

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      Can you irrigate off of irrigation in enemy territory? Worked in Civ2, does it apply here?
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        By all means. They own the tile, not the terrain feature (unlike colonies and such). In fact, I think I've seen auto-workers (when I used them - not any more!) wander off into enemy territory (not during war thankfully) to try and irrigate their squares and drag the water back home...!
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          I've seen the AI invade my territory with workers to irrigate back to their land if they don't have fresh water. I like rounding up all the workers and watching them send more. When I get enough, I capture them all


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            i saw that once and nearly pissed myself. but then the babylonians irrigated one of my mines in their way.

            i whined about that a while back... is that an act of war now? i havent seen it since. i remember someone going into enemy lands and foresting every tile.
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