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Absorbing initial worker

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    It could be worth it if you got that first settler up and running faster, particularly if the new city included lux, great growth terrain or resources.

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      In the higher difficulty levels, adding the initial worker to the city adds nothing, just gives you a lot of headaches as your city gets too large to manage and discontent sets in.

      As already noted, you want to be putting that worker to use improving tiles.
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        And keep in mind, I play accelerated production, so spitting out your first settler is much faster (and the growth is too).

        And that thread is very good. All in all, it does seem that you could stand to gain by absorbing the first worker in very specific cases, but of course only in the short term. And delaying the absorbtion until a road or two or a key irrigation is completed could improve the tactic.
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          when civ3 originally came out i came up with this question and someone mathematically proved it's better to improve tiles.
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