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Granaries and walls are almost useless now.

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    I build the Pyramids. I play on huge maps and typically have at least 60 cities by the modern era. Don't want to build granaries in cities that are just starting out, they need to build other things right away, so the Pyramids is the best wonder until Cistine Chapel comes along. Plus I save a lot on maintenance.

    Walls are very useful on the borders, with cities that will probably not go above 6 citizens. In the core cities, walls are rarely needed. If the AI can reach your core, you are in bad shape anyhow.


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      intresting , city size 12 , gets some f-15's , to bomb it , bomb the whole city , P-guided , lol , and hit the walls , where they , the walls , not gone after size 6 ?
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        If you click the eye on a given city view, cities with walls and more than 6 population will show the walls gradually deteriorating. However, walls don't go away unless sold, even though they have no effect in cities with pops of 7 or greater. I build them in cities where growth is slow or limited to less than 6 AND a normally aggressive AI civ is near OR a barb rich area will likely remain unsettled, i.e., jungle, desert, and tundra expanses.

        I'm told (elsewhere on this forum) that granaries now go away when the city grows to 6 population as a 1.17f "fix" to the "size 6 city" strategy. (Food in food box is also halfed.) I don't know that this is true of granaries, as I seldom build them in the early game. I do build them in cities near a depopulated area in the later game, but most of those cities are already past size 6. The AI often razes expanses of cities in their wars with each other. The cities having granaries helps in the production of settlers to occupy that already developed territory.
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          I edited the walls so that they give 1 culture point. This gives them some value.

          I did that 'cause if you look at the some of the world's oldest cities, some walls are just tourist magnets.
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            Originally posted by Thrawn05
            I edited the walls so that they give 1 culture point. This gives them some value.

            I did that 'cause if you look at the some of the world's oldest cities, some walls are just tourist magnets.
            true. that's a good idea, I've often thought the same. I spent a few games of AoK just building walls and gates everywhere into a big complicated "old quarter" just cause it looked so cool.

            But if they give a culture boost, they should cost more then - or have an upkeep cost in the modern era (for repairs or refurbishing as "tourist" attractions.)

            OTOH, I don't see any tourists really hanging around granaries much. the brightly painted grain elevators out west are neat on posters but I doubt anyone travels to Saskatchewan just to see them.

            hmmm...what about a "castle" tourist attraction too?
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              Granaries - no. My cities reach the limit populations of 6 or 12 without them. Fast growing cities mean fast growing unhappiness.
              Walls - only in cases of emergency. They are dirt cheap as someone else mentioned before.

              The Great Wall - most useless Wonder, maybe