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Early-game research on Monarch...

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  • ducki
    Monarch has become a template for me.

    100% research on Pottery if you don't start with it.
    Warrior-Warrior(garrison)-Granary(prebuild if necessary)-Warrior(escort)-Settler.

    You only lose a very few turns with the granary and you gain them back very, very fast.

    I can't recall the last time I didn't beeline for a Granary.
    Sad really.

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  • Cerbykins
    I'm making a stab at monarch, and I've bizarrely got a lead all the way from ealry middle-ages...

    Having said that, it's a 80% water archipelago map, and as I 'expanded' into other kingdoms, it's why I got a litle extra 'petty cash'

    If I DO get desperate for tech, I can always trade away resources - even ones I don't have spare for. Feel free to trade away horses when you're making swordsmen, for example

    So I hear, with loads of opponents - if you DO get far behind, the actual cost of the tech drops - so that (correct me if I'm wrong guys! ) for example, if the other 15 peeps research something and you're last to get it, it only costs you 1/16th of the cost.

    Allegedly, it's not possible to get left behind in the way we sometimes do to chieftain opponents (pkes vs tanks ) - but I'm a total coward so I've never REALLY jumped in the deep end.

    One last note - I currently play with the idea that I'm slowly popping the opponents off one at a time, with a view to eventual domination. The tactics might be very different if you're a ship/culture/UN player...

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  • furrykef
    started a topic Early-game research on Monarch...

    Early-game research on Monarch...

    Hoo, I'm not quite ready for Monarch yet! I'm playing C3C, beta-patched. Forgive me if this has been discussed before (probably has been a lot, but I like to get current opinion, since it can change from patch to patch...), but I'm wondering what's the best approach to research in the early game? On Regent, getting tech parity or even ahead is pretty easy even right from the start (depending on number of AI civs) with research pumped to 100% (or when support/improvement costs begin to be a factor, whatever is the highest reasonable amount)...

    Not so on Monarch. I can get a couple techs this way at first but then it seems I can't get my econ going and it appears more optimal to set research all the way down and trade money for tech (and if I'm lucky I can use that tech to trade for another)...I considered leaving research at 10 or 20%, but I figured "why bother?" since by the 50 turns for the tech (posts I've read advising having some "token research" seem to be from days that 32 or 40 turns was max), everybody else would have it and I could likely just trade the gold instead by agreements only last 20 turns and I can get some good deals with them.

    I can live with being behind in the early-game (it's only temporary after all) I just want to know if this is the best way to handle the situation, or if I should have 20% research or maybe the lone scientist, or maybe if there are any tips on tech-trading you guys could offer...

    (Any advice on research on Regent would be helpful, too, since my next game will probably still be on Regent...)

    - Kef