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    I've just this minute finished a game of Civ3. It was all over in 2800BC, the shortest game since I last had the Germans as neighbours. This time, they sent two archers into my capital and it was all over. I had only built one warrior there, and only one other city.

    What I'd like to know is if there is any defence against the AI using its free units in such an unscrupulous and dishonourable manner? I mean, you don't physically have the time to build anything to defend yourself against these kind of attacks when you start as a civ without bronze working ... it's just such a lame way to put the player out the game. (Emperor level)

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    Well the real fix is to program a great AI and don't give them advantages... but that will not happen soon I fear

    Besides just building units at the start... not much. Try giving an AI who is invading 1gpt - I think its worked on one of my games. For it to attack, it would have to give that up and I'm not sure it likes to. Of course this puts you down 1gpt, but that is better than an early death.
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      As far as I know only the Germans does this. But shouldn't you have more of an army by 2800? Or did you not count your scouts?


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        Yes, I was playing as England and had only time to build a warrior, two scouts and a settler. I had always assumed the extra units were there for the AI to be able to deal more adequately with barbarians and thus be able to defend itself better in the early game, but the German technique certainly is an example of 'killer' AI. Kind of makes the whole game pointless though, when it happens ... never mind, just start again and hope for a bit more luck!


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          It seems they must have been very close to start the game. Was this on a small map? Were you on an island? I mean if you do not have a large land mass, why are playing an expansion civ? If you do they should not be so close as to find you and send archers right away.
          I dislike scouts as they can not defend at all and the extra move is not really needed. The AI will not beat you to many goody huts anyway. They often do not even pop ones next to a town. By the time they are far from home those barbs are out and killing scouts.
          This lets me go warrior,warrior, warrior, before I have to decide about how to proceeed. If I see some one close, I may need more troops, either way the AI will know I have troops and be inclined to leave me alone.


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            Yes, you're right - it was a small map. I was building scouts instead of warriors for strategic reasons - and besides, aren't you supposed to scout with your first two warriors?


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              I always build scouts when I'm expansionist. This enables me to find all civs first which means even on deity I'll be the tech leader until late ancient age. That's the advantage of expansionist civs (combined with pottery), they get a fast start.

              Of course, on a smaller map it's pretty wasted.


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                Originally posted by David Murray
                Yes, you're right - it was a small map. I was building scouts instead of warriors for strategic reasons - and besides, aren't you supposed to scout with your first two warriors?
                If you are scouting with warriors they will not be far away. If they are far away you have seen the AI is not close and could make units in time. If they are close and you have made contact, you could send one or more back to defend.
                The other aspect is the AI will not regard you as so weak if you have three warriros instead of one and two scouts.
                If I see a civ near me, I am not going to be undefended, in fact I may be gearing up for my own rush.


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                  The Germans start out annoyed with everyone and therefore likely to attack. The only way I have found to buy time to build up my forces is to agree some early trades with them, even if unfavourable to me.

                  Selling them Alphabet for 10 gold isn't helpful to my tech position but if it keeps them off my back until I have enough units to crush them (always the best policy with Bismarck), it is worth it.
                  Never give an AI an even break.