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    You really think so? Thanks man
    If I only had a brain...


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      Ok..I love to write and have to tell ya at 45 years old (in two weeks that is) I see where now I missed out on completing my High School!

      BUT..I dont want to step on people toes or violate any rules, am I allowed to write a story based upon a game i am playing...say with a few ai's?

      If I am reading this correctly, basically you telling a story to a blind whom can only need to describe the surroundings, events,climate senses of what your people and nation desire and experience?

      I would love to do this, not to win at any contest but just to work on a past passion.... wait..a past passion that has felt that unmistakeable a bear in a spring cave...stirring with anticipation of what delights may soon lie ahead for his palate?

      Ok..let me know..I think this would be enjoyable!!



      Maybe of course Chuck Ferris will be in the shadows..

      He was host of :


      I mean i am not an english composition major...merely a simple creative passionate person whom has a never ending imagination!

      Ok..Ill wait to see if I am ok or if i missed the elevator perhaps didnt make it to the correct light bulb didnt brighten all the corners of this room, ect.


      Grandpa Troll
      Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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        BUT..I dont want to step on people toes or violate any rules, am I allowed to write a story based upon a game i am playing...say with a few ai's?
        Yes, you can do that. Good luck

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          Hello, there, Mr. Troll.

          First of all, glad you found us!

          Next, if you write a story, you definitely won't be stepping on anyone's toes. In fact, I encourage you to go do that (write a story that is) - am sure you'd do great. There aren't any particular rules about what a story should be about, or how it should be written, and definitely, absolutely, no rules about who and when can write a story - anyone can write one whenever they want. We welcome all stories all the time.

          I encourage you to look at the "Story Contest History" thread, which is also topped here somewhere, for a feel of how the best stories in the history of the contest have been written. You'll see a great variety of writing styles and topics there.

          We don't necessarily want people to follow some preset pattern of describing every turn in their game - that can be fun at first, but gets old in a hurry if everyone is doing it. In fact, you'll see that a few of the stories lately weren't even based on any particular game, but instead were just about general Civ concepts for instance. Although, of course, we always welcome "After Action Report" kind of stories as well.

          To sum it up, if you feel a surge of creativity, and inspiration, just post! The story doesn't even have to be complete at the time of the posting. You can post a chapter or two now, and then a few later, and maybe finish it up next week, or whenever you feel up to it.
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