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    The messenger was lost in his thoughts. He had done what he had set out to do. The emperor and his generals were all dead. It had felt good to kill Nabak.
    He remembered that day, when he had brought the message during the Grand Council. That was when the emperor had gone mad. Nabak had read the message and had decided to ignore it. That’s why all of this had happened.
    After reading it the emperor had shoved it back into the messenger’s hands as if to deny its existence.
    But the messenger had kept the message and he had shown it to everyone he knew. And the more people saw it, the more they became enraged. The rumour started spreading that there was something terribly wrong with this war. But unlike other rumours, when the more skeptical amongst the population demanded proof, they had proof.
    This war should never have started.
    And soon a rebellion had started and had turned the empire, the whole world to chaos.
    One last time, to be certain that it wasn’t just a dream, he took out the message he had delivered that day.

    The message read: “ You have achieved a cultural victory”

    The messenger dropped the piece of paper. He glanced a last look at Arrhus’ body, slowly floating down the river and wiped the general’s blood from his knife.
    Then he cut his left wrist, made certain that the artery was severed, and started walking towards the middle of the river.
    Towards peace.
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      This was inspired by (but is not an actual account from) my second or third game back in Dec. I didn't even know what a Cultural victory was. I was about to deal the Iroquois a well deserved beating with a couple dozen tanks when i got that message. I couldn't believe it : i'd been preparing for this invasion for about 20 turns!
      I was reading some of the stories in the forums and i thaught : I'm probably not the only one who would rather have fought my way to the top than being handed that kind of victory... so i imagined a guy who went mad and fought it out...despite having already won!

      Hope you enjoyed! And thanks for your patience...


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        Great story! I don't usually post my thoughts but I have decided to start. I look forward to future stories.


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          that was fantastic!
          I read the first part when you first posted it and now I finally got to see how Arrhus found himself in that position!
          In fact, the delay between the start and finish meant that I had forgotten that Arrhus died and it was only til I read those last three sentences that the memory came back to me that I already knew the ending! I think that just goes to show how good your writing is!

          Plus, the story was so well-written and absorbing, I almost forgot it was a game until that message!

          Can't wait for your next story!
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            Well, duh!

            Hint: Next time, if you don't want to be handed a cultural victory or a victory by domination, etc... you can disable those at the beginning of the game.

            Great story though!
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              I am speechless. Not really, as I am writing this, right now, but you should know what I mean. This is one of the best things I have ever read. I mean that in all seriousness. Keep at it, keep writing.

              If this were a movie, there'd be a tunnel or something near here for us to escape through.....


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                Fantastic story!!!

                This is probably the best Civ story I've ever read. As I read it I could vividly visualise everything that is going on, not in game terms (ie units moving around), but as sort of movie scenes!! Something which rarely happens when reading a story based on a game.

                I greatly look forward to more of your stories!!

                Btw, it seems as if most stories appear on Apolyton, while Civfanatics is flooded with succession games, which have virtually disappeared from Apolyton.


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                  Great story, thank you for taking the time to enter it.
                  Looking forward to your next story.
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                    Excellent story! This is what all Civ stories should aspire to be. I have been coming to these forums for awhile, reading stories and strategies and general discussion, but never felt the need to post. After reading this, I knew I just had to commend a job well done. Great Job!
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                      Awesome Read

                      Richelieu: Great story. You get sucked in and then realize what happened - what a fantastic twist.

                      Great job!

                      P.S. - There is indeed no place like work for writing stories!
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                        Thanks for your comments guys!

                        As for other stories, i guess i'm out of inspiration for now. But the great thing about this game is that it's always full of surprises so i hope to post a new story when i find time to play a couple more games.



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                          Best story i ever read!


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                            Darn good. I had the same thing happen to me playing as the Babylonians. A pretty engrossing story. You want to know what happens.

                            I may post a story. I already have an idea.


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                              Bumping up the contenders!


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                                For those who haven't had the chance - or the misfortune, you decide - to read this.

                                Yeah i know... but hey, i like it...