Greetings! I am new to the civ family but have a story that I think is worthy of repeating.

I was playing Persia on a huge continent map. To my north is zululand, to the south is america and the aztecs. Now, as many of you do I am sure, I keep most of the generated city names, but I have a few that I always rename. Two of my favorites are Central Defense and Central Offense.

The aztecs saw zululand and america freely traversing my lands and thought 'hey! We dhould be able to do that too!'. So they sent a settler with a swordsman up past Central Offense.

Well I couldn't allow this, and ordered them to leave. Instead I got a war.

I already had a plan in place to mass an army at CO to attack the aztecs, but my army was not yet assembled in its entirety, and CO only had a spearman and two immortals for defense. When twelve knights and eight swordsman began to pour out of the south, I knew that CO was finished.

The evacuation of Central Offensive was well coordinated by my commanders. The spearman volunteered to stay in the city and cover the escape, and the immortals backed off into the hills to protect the populace fleeing towards Ghulliman. I knew that I was in trouble because even though I had a moderatly large standing army at Ghulliman they were all offensive units and my one pikeman could not hold off the coming storm. But then something happened that would change the course of the game.

Even with hills for cover the immortals would not last long against knights, so I had to think of something. Suddenly, it hit me. The immortals had a higher attack than the knight's defense! So they waited until a knight got too close, and then they struck. Before they eventually died they had taken out two knights and three swordsmen.

At that moment I knew what my commanders needed to do. As the aztec armies approached Ghulliman my knights, immortals, and swordsmen attacked from the city walls. I was careful to only have the immortals or swordsmen strike when there was more than one aztec together, this way only a knight ever actually claimed a square outside the city, allowing the knight to retreat back to the city to wait for the next wave.

It took five failed attempts for the aztecs to realize invading me was a lost cause, and they brokered for peace.

Ghulliman had held! No enemy unit had even stepped into the city to fight. Throughout the war, my offensive defenders had been chanting "the center holds! The center holds!". As such, we had a new ribbon cutting ceremony where Ghulliman was renamed 'Center".

Center quickly became the namesake of my empire. Easily defending my citizens from two other invasion attempts by the aztecs using the same tactic as before.

All good things must come to an end, however, and after two and a half centuries of hit and miss wars Center did eventually fall.

We were busy gearing up to finish off the zulu when the aztecs surprised us. It took seven waves to kill the last defender, but with all of our forces to the north, we couldn't build extras quick enough.

I couldn't believe my eyes when my advisor informed me that the AI had burned Center to the ground! I had lost cities to the ai in other games, but had never had one raze a 7-citizen city. I started to laugh as it dawned upon me that I would have done the same thing had it taken me 3 centuries to take over a single city.

30 years later we built New Center a hair north of the ruins of Center. I'm not finished with the map just yet, but that string of wars had me laughing so hard I had to share it.