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Of Imperial Importance 9-16-2006

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  • Of Imperial Importance 9-16-2006

    Chapter One

    Our American Forces were sent to establish an embarkation point to support the Allied War Effort. PAC (Pacific Allied Command) HQ was set up on a deep water draft Naval Port. We finally set up for receiving our brothers in arms in December 1941. This allowed us four Naval Ports along with 3 landlocked bases for establishment of our Armored Fist Spearhead, which will be assigned through the First Armored Division Headquarters. Paratroopers are setting up in forward observations posts as well as quick strike camps until formal occupation forces take over.

    Allied High Command has decided to appoint General Douglas MacArthur to head up Operation Code Name Smith Trading Company. He will head up logistics coordinated with other Allies to ensure we keep our juggernaut moving forward. This will be set up in PAC HQ.

    One major problem in establishing a defensible and fortified resupply point from which to have a successful theatre of operations is to keep Intelligence on our operational readiness as secret and low key as possible. We realized how dedicated and committed our enemies were when we encountered numerous patrols in the jungles. We encountered and dispatched squads of Iberian and Bulgar Infantry, bringing cheers from tank crews and Infantry alike. Feelings were soon dampened as we encountered both larger and better trained rebel forces from local Angle people groups; they had two companies, not the small squad formations we had earlier encountered. These troops also used trees to launch grenade attacks and coordinate mortar fire. They also coordinated attacks from the Kazak assault group. Yet more Bulgar troops assembled and tried infiltrating our ranks in the dusk and evening hours. This would be a challenge, as the thick Jungle undergrowth and dim lighted paths made for excellent cover and concealment for them and difficult transit routing for us.

    We manage to move 4 Armies forward, 2 Marine Division based and the First Infantry Division along with Easy Company of the 101st Airborne.

    Wet weather, cold driving rain followed by yet more damp conditions attempted to keep morale low, but the determination of the Allied cause shall persevere. This is of Imperial Importance to our enemy forces, well organized and certainly prepared for yet another enemy attempting to dislodge them from their homelands.
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    Chapter Two

    Our logistical support system is starting to shape up. We are securing ports on the East and West coast of this continent we have chosen to fight upon in the Pacific Theatre of War. One of my fears is by concentrating too heavily on a major offensive; we will be caught with our pants down by a flanking maneuver.

    I have assembled my military commanders of various divisions who are concentrating to double time advancement forward in order to assemble our battle groups in order to first stall or slow the enemyís advancement early on. Depending upon who bends my ear first, is who shall try to sell their very own version of our much needed zones of control. This I agree upon but we need to have a major support system for this undertaking.

    I donít question political motives not policy set by our civilian leadership. My job is simple; take objectives within a certain allowable set of conditions. I have however been receiving some questionable signals from both the Commonwealth as well as the Netherlands. They are sending mixed signals, especially from what is supposed to be a joint coalition of Allied Forces. Our intelligence shows The Commonwealth may want to impede our forward progress. I am prepared for this as I have assigned not only U S Army Combat Engineers but also Navy Seabees to build loading ramps at our ports and alternate roadways through the mountains to out flank our allied indignant response or maybe I should say lack of response.

    We have fielded yet another new Army, 5th Corp 12th Battalion. They have joined up with our main battle groups headed to assist The Netherlands. A huge column of Tanks, both Light duty and Heavy Tanks are making way quickly to prepare a gathering point for all our troops.

    Reports that a lot of the insurgent attacks have slowed but we remain on high alert nevertheless. Our plan to move depots along the Commonwealth Eastern Border is well underway. Our West Coast looks defensible better than our East coast. I have ordered several Submarine patrols to be formed along with destroyer escorts. Soon our Battle Wagons shall start arriving. Spring is soon to be upon us, we must be prepared to receive the enemy by mid summer. Only our decisive execution of our appointed plans will bring us success and ultimately Victory.
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      Chapter Three

      Our confirmation from increased engagements with larger and better trained enemy troops, have shown us some of our Allies have to be behind the seemingly unhindered access to our flanks. Our movements seemed to be known by the coordinated attacks we now see on a regular basis. I will call for a commanders meeting and together we will meet this challenge and decide what course of action will be necessary.

      Our reinforcements are now arriving through various ports, along with airdrops at our airstrip in the middle of the jungle that has yet to be discovered by our enemy combatants, we are massing an extremely large force. Then shock to some extent ripples through the land, our camps find a spy trying to retrieve documents to be brought to the Netherlands military. Why would they do this when we are all supposed to be on one team?

      This spy has been detained and will be sent for interrogation which hopefully will lead to some light being shed on the Dutch motivations. This may also be the reason we have seen some rogue submarines along our coast, actually sinking two thus far. This tightened security seems to have failed and possibly over leaked sensitive information of troop concentrations and buildup points.

      Summer is almost upon us, soon, a bloody battle shall be staring us in the face, our hope is we will establish enough forward fire bases to repair and replenish of war machine.

      I have sent the latest Army Group forward, 8th Army, 4th Battalion to rendezvous with the rest of the spearhead. We have hopes we can assembled prior to having to engage any large enemy troop concentrations. This may or may not occur and we will respond accordingly.

      June 1942 is not our typical summer, it is wet and wet land brings slower forward traveling. These mountain passes are treacherous, but necessary to avoid detection from the more stable but well traveled roadways already in place. We are closing the gap between our rear elements along with our main supply depots and that of our enemies thrust to disable our response. This shall be a test of commitment and courage on each individual.
      Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah