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Character Insight: Metaliturtle's Alexander the Great

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    It might be cool if we just did one mass thread for any character the writer feels like making one for.

    I might do one for Johan, just to get back into the Erwachte swing.

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  • Character Insight: Metaliturtle's Alexander the Great

    I thought this might be fun to do.

    Name: Alexander the Great
    Age: Anywhere from 16-eternal
    Nation: Grecians, not Greeks, Grecians
    Likes: Orgies, fighting, outsmarting opponents, Greek food, Roman Trainers
    Dislikes: Catherine the Great aka. Jabba the Hutt
    Favorite Song: Alexander the Great by Iron Maiden
    Favorite Beatle: Ringo Starr
    Favorite Band: Metallica pre-Jason Newstead
    Favorite Government: Monarchy
    Favorite Advisor: Civman
    Most worthy adversaries: The Chinese led by the council of three.
    Military Record: Surprisingly good for how much goofing around he does.
    Favorite Author and Teacher: Aristotle
    Cut down before his prime?: indeed!
    Civ3 bonus he most likes: Hopelites
    Civ3 thing he hates: when Hopelites trigger a golden age on turn 4!!

    Alexander is a perpetually single white male whose sexual drive surpasses that of all but the most horny of men, he uses this drive to get women because for whatever reason, chicks dig dudes in power. The real question is, does Alexander have power because he likes to have sex or does Alexander have sex because he likes to have power, only you can decide!

    Want to see Alexander the great at his finest? Read Crazed Greek Wanderings by Metaliturtle, or most random Metaliturtle stories.