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The Rise of the Americans

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  • ChrisiusMaximus
    And I for one would like to see what happened next

    Nice change of style PM for you to write about a civ from ancient times

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  • PresidentMarcos
    started a topic The Rise of the Americans

    The Rise of the Americans

    The actual origins of the Americans are in a little doubt. According to the archaeological, linguistic, and anthropological evidence, the Americans, are, quite unusually, an Indo-European people. Apparantely, they are the descendents of a band of settlers, known as the Americans for some reason, who migrated northeast from their homeland in eastern Asia Minor, and around 5,500 BCE, arrived in North America, having crossed the Bering Strait by boat, strangely enough. They travelled eastwards at a phenomenal speed, finally arriving in their traditional homeland, the eastern coast of North America, around 5,450 BCE. There, in the drainage basin of the Hudson and Potomac rivers, the story of American civilization begins.

    The American's ancestors were among the world's first farmers. The Americans took this skill with them, and combined it with that of the native peoples. Despite their nomadic lifestyle, they found a good use for it. By the time the Americans settled down in the Potomac--Hudson region, they were already pretty good at agriculture, and soon, they got even better. They drained the swamps surrounding the Potomac and irrigated the region. Around 5,300 BC, American farming communities dotted the landscape and the population was slowly, but steadily rising. And so, it began. If legend is to be believed, American civilization got it's start when a tribal chieftian, named Vorus, had an insatiable urge to found a city. He knew that the peoples to the south, for instance the Olmecs, were doing the same thing, so, being the kind of person he was, he rallyied his tribe and told them of his plans, at which point his subjects began to carry out his megalomania. Using their traditional river clay bricks, the settlers built Washington, quite probably the first major city in North America. Unlike the cities of other contemporary peoples, Washington was well planned. It had a grid of straight streets, laid out on the cardinal directions. Under the middle of each street, there was a drainage channel, linked to the private bathrooms of housed by a system of earthenware pipes. There were many wells, providing a good water supply to the city. The fields of the city were irrigated, supplying the residents with food. And so it went. Once it was all done, the Americans built several more cities on the same plan--New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Raleigh, Baltimore, Atlantic City, Norfolk, Miami and Atlanta being good examples. By this time, the Americans controlled most of the East Coast. But the time had come for the Americans to go to war.