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    So far we are advancing along the rocky precipice known as the road to peaceful relationships. I am most certain America is perhaps planning something, but we must ensure peace survives, and cut the head off strong roots that push upward and break fragile foundations.

    I am most please as we have enlisted a very large and brave Muscovite family to undertake supervision as leaders in brave new world. I have sent many aggressor brigades of Tanks and very eager workers. I bring a most important seal to my Naval Transportation and Security teams. I advise that we should over take island and have complete coverage before America finds this treasure cove also.

    Resources are being mined at a very profitable rate. Our economic growth is most desirable and our borders are very secure. I have ordered less emphasis upon our Military and more on being an advanced scientific leader. We have gone into most aggressive SETI program that will help our lead as technology continues to flow. I do hope our American neighbors become content to live among us as subordinate neighbors, future partners and grow strong peacefully.

    I believe in perhaps we should set up additional supply routes and decide to assemble most urgent and special Naval Relocation Fleet. This must at all costs require commitment to battleships and transports.

    I will also create a First Strike Force, with Tanks, and Mechanized Infantry as most dedicated ground support forces.

    Our Military Response Center has also begun assembly. Dmitri Andropov has been requested by me to name an appointed assistant while he oversees initial assembly and defensive stability on our new continent. It is far away and I have to have a military commander to properly respond. I order my close confidant and absolute trusted leader Gregorian Smelinta, Mother Russia’s Vice Chairman to give assessment of new opportunities.

    “Czar we have opportunity and I believe we should take before it is not longer available. I would be honored to oversee this new settlement and request a handpicked governing counsel!” requests Gregorian.

    “It is a very good ideal system that Mother Russia has in place and to have the like of you, Gregorian to lead this brave undertaking, it is I whom will reward you by fulfilling your requests! Who shall you require?” I enquire further.

    “I Gregorian Smelinta, feel it necessary for the new times of uncertainty and opportunity, be overlooked by a most precious resource, our motivator of the spirit, Deputy of reprogramming of idealistic idle minds Ivan Rotina. Ivan will detect the needs of the many by quelling the minds and decisions of the few. Mother Russia must not also have dissention to deal with among the many unknowns Czar!”

    He stands, placing his hands on my shoulders continuing, “I must also ask for Dmitri Andropov. If the Americans, which I suspect, become aggressive, we need a military experienced and fierce responder. I do not wish to raise a pup where a Wolf is needed! I have my eyes on Kristur Molsig our nominee but yet appointed or affirmed Naval Far Reach Patrol Admiral. He would need approval from perhaps his superior for this promotion, a most distinguished and brave Russian Comrade. Perhaps we could enquire from Vladimir Netschenko our First Naval operations Officer as to his approval, which would go long way should he need to command Battle groups in area on dispatch duty covering resource and manpower replenishment.

    “I will allow this and he is here, let us welcome him in and see what he has in news of current status.” I turn and open door and beckon him inward. “Vladimir, please join us and tell us of your status”

    He opens his coat and greets Gregorian with smile and warm hug. “My people tell me a thief with high and mighty dream wishes to steal my gem?” laughing, he awaits Gregorian’s response.

    “It is as you say, except an investment and many admirable dividends payable to Mother Russia in your name Vladimir!” is his response.

    “Ok, Ok, enough stroking my fearless leaders, how is your mighty navy coming Vladimir?” is my now solemn inquiry.

    “Czar, we will in next two weeks have a group of port cities ready to produce mighty battleships. We have enough transports in production and our long-range response fleet will soon be operational. I agree, a promotion is not only warranted but also necessary. I also have a proposal that we have our cruisers and battleships create an alley to transport, along a safer and shorter route. I think perhaps America has seen our fleet and will react by following our path. This is good; it is taking a long time, but latest communication from fleet approaching our new land say they have seen an American Galleon ahead of them with citizens and a few minor militia. Our plan is to overtake the new land surround the newer city that they may build and then spread out. We have resources and will bring forth a mighty expeditionary force for support, if it pleases you Czar?” he concludes.

    “I am well pleased, let us go about the business of expansion. Go form the rest of the new governing body. Let us be victorious or not return!” I send the decree to follow explicitly.
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      Our expansion southward has exploded with great success. We have found an American Explorer and have cut off possible settlement routes and hope to surround and possible demand a peaceful retreat by our new American friendship partners. I have enjoyed the somewhat tense but overall civil relationships between our people and America.

      We have traded territorial maps and willingly sent technology to offer America a glimpse into the future with our countries as leaders and co-stewards in humanities existence.

      I am preparing to off my new South Continent a massive supply of workers and need to have reports so I request a most urgent meeting off all leaders at once. I convene and enjoy the exploits of my governing officials.

      Gregorian Smelinta stands to report on his progress “Czar, we are almost complete in a perimeter settlement establishment with soon the most southern areas to be encamped and set up. I have requested our Military Attaché to send a report prepared by Dmitri Andropov with most valued input from our Naval Far Reach Patrol Admiral Kristur Molsig on his observations. I at this time ask Dmitri to do an overview. Dmitri, if you would be so kind as to bring us up to date!”

      Dmitri stands and offers a condensed version ”Czar, we will require no more transports and a few escorts would be most excellent! I have on good authority that soon we will have that,” pausing he looks toward Vladimir Netschenko our First Naval Operations Officer.

      “Yes most correct Comrade Dmitri” he answers.

      Dmitri continues “Czar, I would ask that we form a strike group and with observations and most valued input from Sergei Molotov feel like we could offer a preemptive strike to the south should America not engage in our plans of peace as we now hope for.”

      I stand, crossing my hands and ponder what we should do. I speak with a low tone of concern. “Comrades, we know that America will not stand forever as we expand and explore. We have taken over much of the world. I am almost completed in a proposal for peace that will ask that America, in good faith, stand down at our borders. I am most uncomfortable that this may not happen. I am thinking that when we offer this plan, it is as you say Dmitri, most important to have a resounding response, to put America down should she decide to bite the hand that has been feeding her with new technology.”

      “Czar, we can be operational in 2 weeks with Military Strike Force, should you give go ahead!” answers Dmitri Andropov.

      “I believe it is in most valued interest that we do this very important plan, I will ask for one other input. Please, Mikhail Furgru our First Secretary of Border Security, what do you feel is our response to protect the borders?” I implore him for a response.

      "Czar Trollian IV, we need many more Tanks and I have observed that these Americans do have many roadways and highways to transport troops within our territory. I believe we should station just to rear a massive troop buildup they cannot observe. This will have two advantages. Number One, preparation and Number two, it will not make them as nervous to respond if they do not see such a response force.”

      “I feel it will be inevitable, America will not stand for most Total domination and being surrounded by our peoples. I wish it were not so, but subtle undertones dictate we prepare for a possible Armageddon. Ok, it is so. No offensive gestures, no overt war drumming for now, but let us prepare our Preemptive Strike Force and then we will go to Peace plan and off!”

      I dismiss my leaders and walk with Igor Gorkispa My Deputy Foreign Minister of External Affairs. “Tell me Igor, do you see America submitting to our peace plan? It is good for us and them, but will they allow us to continue in our forward movements?”

      “Czar, America thinks and believes in their hearts they can control the destiny of its people and will not allow continued suppression and most imminent submission to territorial border security of our troops. They will resist I fear Czar and then we will have to force our hand. It will be a most terrible fallout I can now see.”

      I listen and thank him for his input. We depart and I now see in my heart a most clear picture, a Bear with its jaws ravaging a dog in the air. Yes, Mother Russia will soon, unless a miracle happens, be at brink of war yet again.
      Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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        I have sent for my political leaders for a pre-peace summit meeting. We will see what is possible before departing for this meeting in the fields of our southern are with American leadership accompanying President Lincoln. I will also meet after with soon to be arriving military high council as for preparedness of alternative route we will most probably have to take.

        My political council arrives en masse and we have highest priority close door session. Bredshnez Lertinmora my Political Science Liaison Chief offers final thoughts for peace plan. “Czar, we must have written assurances backed with most active participation by American Security Forces. I have latest findings from our South that indeed America is trying to take what we have already established to be Sovereign soil of Mother Russia. We have asked in a most desirable way for America to back off and away from established settlements yet America has brought more troops and settlement personnel. I only see this as an act of defiance and not that of a willing accomplice to peace for both countries, Czar”

        “Czar Troll, I would offer this, we will soon have in place our peace plan as it is, I believe it is most important to proceed with plans for peace and then if not in interest of America to submit to what our country deems as necessary and also a fair parcel then I think Mother Russia by right will exercise her own authority in most crucial affairs of government security!” and then he rests his input.

        I address the rest of the political party. “Members of Mother Russia and most high esteemed Soviet Leadership, we have fought hard and taken control of the world up to this point in time. I wish to have a future where perhaps, PERHAPS no more blood of our people or even these Americans would be shed. I have most troubling reports however, no, I have not abandoned all peace efforts. I would say peace is possible, should it be given a chance. Is peace in the hearts and souls of the Americans with their Rock and Roll and free spirits? I am not of the mind to say Yes, I am inclined to side on No. We will meet this week with the American Delegation. I want peace. Does America want same? We will see. Does anyone here have any ideas we perhaps have not covered? I will listen and consider anything up to the appointed time of a meeting. After that we will either agree with peace or plan of alternative action will go into effect. I have been cautioned of possible kidnap plans upon my very life. I have credible evidence such a plan is even now in the works. I do not know what is outcome of my life. I do know that I love Mother Russia, MOTHER RUSSIA! It is not I but Mother Russia we all do this for. Remember that! Should anyone of you perish in during an act of aggression, it is not over. No, Mother Russia will live on and for the price of a few lives, peasants, pilgrims or political or powerful Military leadership, then that is what must be sacrificed!”

        I dismiss the political party and allow entrance of most high military convening council.

        “Comrades, in you I place my trust. I have hopes, yes, of peace. I do not, however have delusional thoughts of America just waltzing up to table and handing over its past, present or future to us. No, I have asked for any input from each of you and asked that you all formulate a most aggressive and definitive plan that will strike the very chord of power to the hearts of any whom would rise up against us. Tell me Sergei Molotov, what of our Tank Divisions, how do we stand?” I ask my Tank Commander.

        “Czar, we have many cities now at the ready and yes we are moving forward with many transports just off Americas West Coast. Soon, perhaps within 2-3 days we will have 100,ooo Strike Force Tanks ready to throw the Americans into disarray should we attack! I have already met with Supreme Military Overlord Dmitri Andropov and we both agree, if you will allow me to show on map our plans Czar”

        I motion him to continue.

        “Czar, we will enter in a most devastating slashing motion cutting the Northern Areas of America in two separate sectors. We will make a very wide and enclosable gap that will cut the supply routes off and while they scramble to respond, we will attack hard from the southwestern areas, actually moving Northeasterly, making every efforts for a third sector and then push our troops though while not allowing any Americans liberty of traveling between sectors. I am most confidant that we will be able to do such as you require, a broadsword effect to get attention of America, or should I say, what is left of America if peace plans do not suit her.”

        I address final time my council of military authority. “If I am taken hostage, kidnapped or killed, I want this plan to go forward. Ransom my life is tantamount to treason and will be dealt with accordingly” I look to Boris Gudonov of Special Enforcement Police, continuing “He has my full authority and names of family of those whom Mother Russia has charge over, to make Russia a Victorious Civilization. It is not a pleasant time we face. Hard times come with many hard course of action. Choices made now will help guide choices made under fire. Boris is a patriot for Russia. He will not waver. In his absence we have special units stationed throughout, moles, unknown to me and unknown to all of you. But make no mistake, they will be known to cowards and traitors families of those whom would disgrace our cause!”

        Now, let us go make peace with America. Let us see what America thinks of our plans.

        Dismissed, the military council leaves, knowing my words are not frivolous but backed with bloodshed by hundreds of thousands of patriotic fighters for what our Mother Russia stands for!
        Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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          I am sure now that our proposed Peace Plan is complete. I am sure so much that I now ready my team to meet with President Abraham Lincoln of America. We meet and even rename our former American city of New Denver aptly called Grandpollian Peace Plan. I hold a celebration and then we receive word that America will meet in the mountains south of Grandpollian Peace Plan and north of Los Angeles. We have the usual trumpeters and horn blowers as well as festive relinquishing of border tensions. It has most festive atmosphere and our teams set down at the prepared tent so we may talk and discuss the road to peace, starting in the valley here. Our interpreters exchange cordial handshakes and then we both enter to sit across from one another. I exchange handshakes with this stately head of American affairs.

          President Lincoln starts, standing and begins with a most furrowed brow” Mr. Trollian, I have hopes and dreams. My people have aspirations and yet, rain and sunshine that is needed for growth, even slow methodic growth, is nowhere to be seen. Instead, a cold, dank cloud covers the horizon. I have come here in hopes of working out many, undesirable details. When I leave, what will be will be. I am a reasonable leader but I am not a fool nor do I wish to be treated as one. I have come and will listen, but only to a plan that indeed offers peace.”

          It is my turn as President Lincoln sits down. Crosses his legs, slowly unbuttoning his Deep Blue Cardigan. He pulls out a pipe and dips into his leather pouch, ever so gently tapping some of his favorite cherry blossom Borkum Riff. He lights slowly puffing and filling the air with a sweet smell. He looks my way, smiling, stating “Now, we will have something sweet hanging in the air!” His words hang like the smoke filling the air from his corncob pipe.

          I reach into my lapel and brandish a Cuban Cigar. I flip open my stiletto and peel off the end of the cigar. I return my stiletto to my breast pocket. Lighting the cigar, puffing away I laugh loudly, speaking while looking at President Lincoln. “I have a Cuban Cigar, once a much sought after icon, however, No Cuba? What is the desire as this is nothing more than a memory for many. It has uses like your pipe, but alas when the smoke clears, all I will have is a strong aftertaste. I use my stiletto to cut the head off and use it for my pleasures and then it is no more. I hope you President Lincoln can appreciate the irony of this cigar. Let us move past this most unpleasant encounter my neighbor.

          I would ask that for Peace to flourish we have four points we must address. First you remove troops from The Isle of Murmansk and allow me to occupy your city of New Oakland. Second, remove the troops and I will occupy it in the cities you founded at the Irkutsk Peninsula would be New Pittsburgh and New Portland. Thirdly, on the southern most tip of my New South Continent the cities of New Tampa Bay, New Tacoma and New Orlando must surrender and have my people occupies what is my property and territory.” I pause and continue with last comment.

          Lastly I finish “ You have openly and blatantly disrespected my territory by expanding. You have a few troops wandering in my New South Continent as well as illegally and flaunting my patience in the corridor passageway near new Baltimore and new Cologne. This is the same area we have 3 companies of Tanks now cutoff, temporarily, but we must have guarantees that this nonsense will end! It must! It will!”

          “I have come and listened to you Mr.Trollian, now hear my peace plan. You have many lands and many troops, yes, but we have also many troops and yes we will understand that a peace is sometimes only found on the other side of “aggressive assertions”.

          I leave you with this Mr.Trollian; name the path you must feel comfortable with, while we will do the same. I wish you this time to consider what it is you wish to gain? I know what we are willing to wager. Please, be confident in this; you will not get what you ask for, perhaps you will take. I have made agreements with a former associate of yours, Alexi whom sought out information and we fed it to him. He has since paid, I suppose, for his not being able to determine which side he should have sold out to.

          President Lincoln leaves and I hang my head, as I know now what will be in the days ahead, bloodshed and painful cries of grievous losses.
          Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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            “Have you in your employ of the American Government a, how can I say, specialist of extracting information?” I prompt the envoy. I am met with a most confused stare and blank draw. I smile and introduce two members that were just out of the line of sight of the main group.

            “Please, meet Boris Gudonov of my Special Enforcement Police and then Mikhail Tertian Gorky Park Security Specialist Political Officer. They, when we have a person whom has information not necessarily volunteered to be given of free will, extract with most unpleasant means!” I offer.

            “Relax, you have no information we want or need. However, I wonder if you have someone whom can extract the information from you about our plans?” I look puzzled at the American Envoy.

            I slam my fist down as several guards key on my action. The American Envoy is thrust forward and turned over. An oblong wooden block is shoved into his mouth, splitting the corner of his lip. Ten his arms are tied down and he is flipped over again with his arms shoved behind him. I motion for him to be set up in front of me. I address him calmly.
            “You will know what is to be and yet will not be able to tell or share of what is to be. I think you may consider using your hand to write a story but this will not be possible” as I look past him signaling as his fingers and wrists are shattered in a wooden vice and he almost passes out.

            “No, please do not scream and curse” as I pull out my butterfly knife. I wedge the wood to one side as he squirms in pain. I grab the tip of his tongue with metal tongues and cut his tongue out. He collapses and I take his tongue, stick it in the official pouch-containing president Lincolns message. I wrap the tongue within my flag.

            “Send this envoy back, and he will tell nothing as we attack, and he will know it all!”

            I give my orders now “Attack and execute Plan B, divide America into three regions and we will then see what is America made of. Send the envoy to President Lincoln and he will know what we mean when we say accept our peace plans!”
            Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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              Upon arriving at his home capital of Washington D C the American Envoy is greeted and enraged, saddened and infuriated. There is a problem that has no answer. This envoy is in such grim and dire shape that even Americas top medical teams cannot help and he passes on without being able to share not only the atrocities he has experienced at the hands of the Russians Military extremists leaders but also the impending doom casting its fast approaching storm shadow at the shores of its very own continent.

              President Lincoln himself assembles his military counsel and sets a meeting for noon the following day. But sadly that day will not arrive for the preparation of America. That day should have taken place years ago. Pride and arrogance as well as defiant souls to hear the call of the wild animals of war will be the outcome. Had they responded early on a plan of defense or counter attack may have been put in place. Alternative strikes as a diversion perhaps. Even Ocean attacks on Russian convoys. But this would not be. No, Mother Russia with her teeth bore, as a crazed animal in a trap, would gnaw its own leg off. In this case the leg would be peace and the trap would be the kindness that had been shown to a weak America. This was in every aspect against the basic tenets of Russian pride and historical success. That is now all behind us. Now we will do what Russia knows best. This is war. Not a war of attrition but a war of carnage such as not been seen in this time. America will feel the needs of security but will not find it. There will be the pain. There will be the fear gripping its citizenry. There will be crying and wailing. But not now, Now is the time of rumbling and thundering of guns. Time for hunger and doing without will soon be upon Americas shores like a rhyme without reason told to children by parents. No, there will be not time now for stories other than the basis for future stories and reflections of a time before the day of carnage and death and destruction and perilous suffering.

              The first waves arrive in the southern area of the continent of America. President Lincoln is at that moment being transported to a safer inland bunker to gather the inner circle of leaders to thwart off the massive invasion forces. As battalions and then newly formed brigades of attack tanks numbering in the 250,000 range take the beach near the front shores of the western fringes of Washington D C and Boston Harbor, Los Angeles Valley is being overrun by assault troops as well. These newly formed settlements that America has used to trespass like a mange dog needing a home were quickly put under Soviet trust and care.

              I Czar Trollian IV have made a decision that in order for America and Soviet Russia to have any chance for future survival, sacrifices are going to be made. Atrocities are sometimes necessary to bring attention to the cause one believes in and have yet unbeliever’s eyes opened and heart turned from a wrong path.

              I start receiving reports of our success’s and obstacles that we had not allowed for. This is why our shear numbers and resolve to do what is necessary overcame some subtle flanking maneuvers by the Americans. I have given standing orders to destroy any cities possible and if so raze when probable. War is not a time of passive undertaking of the woes and worries of the enemy’s destiny or citizenry. This is for the persecuted and oppressed. We have our own concerns, overtaken cities needing garrisoned troops. Fuel and re-supply of ammunition and spare parts are of a major concern to Mother Russia.

              The war turns deep toward its appointed overlay waypoints set by military leadership. Three way slice across America and then seek a peaceable pause in the destructive machine of war. Our troops have lost many battalions and see many faces of previous encounters fall bravely on the fields of blood. We have captured the capital and also several key cities of trade and commerce. America has a defiant spirit that we take note of, and notice it is hard not too. B-17 bombers attack our columns. Entrenched defenses in the mountains just inland prove a disaster and costly undertaking. I have hope our factories which are having supplies of much needed raw materials depleted at an alarming rate, will produce enough units to make it to the desired divisions we planned for. These Americans are indeed and adversary worthy of respecting. This respect would, however, be shown by committing many more troops and the hopes we have more than they do. I will commit as much as necessary, even if it means ground troops and conscripts.

              Time will tell but now the time is telling me to forge forth ward and show a relentless resolve to gain victory at any cost, to Americas citizenry or even Soviet Military personnel.
              Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                America is a very proud and unforgiving nation. I have tried to allow them a tri-county living accommodation suitable that they do not rise up against our Mother Russia. This however is not to be. Bombing runs and machine gunners from on high perches attack our troops as we attempt to set up various demilitarized zones of control They bring forth multiple Tank coordinated attacks and this has brought us to a decision to forgo Plan B and wipe these dogs off this earth.

                These battles of the Americas last for over 30 years and as the last remnants lay for the slaughter, a frail wounded man, barely noticeable, comes forth with his American Flag, tattered and torn, draped across a horse drawn destroyed cannon. It is President Lincoln. He stops, a slight tear trail from his right eye as he struggles to stand up. He has a makeshift cane under his right arm, his left leg badly mangled and face charred badly.
                He stands up looks sadly and as if his very own child lay beside him, he sniffles and wheezes from the blood oozing from his open wounds of his once powerful lungs. Gurgling with blood emitting slowly from his lips, he looks at me, then lowers his head, applying the contents of his pipe after drawing his last taste.

                The flag had been worn and was soaked in an accelerant. As the smoldering embers lit the flag it went up in a flash of a ball of flames.

                “President Lincoln, you have been defeated. Your ships burn belly up in the ocean, your towns and settlements fill the horizon with a smoke filled signal of a valiant but lost effort. Do you now give up and accept that we have won?” I ask, determined to have my victory, my way!

                He simply looked at me, as if there was no more soul inside of the frail vessel of the former President. In a quick moment in a split second of what will forever be remembered as the last shot fired, President Lincoln took his life with that of a pistol he had under his overcoat.

                I stood and stared. I won but inevitably lost. I had wanted mankind to survive but those whom would have challenged me to a battle-deciding path of destiny, lost and cost them all.

                I look to my leaders and we watch the skies lit up with our last trace efforts gone astray. Trace efforts for we all knew going into this that America would never, ever pay homage nor accept anything less than our being removed. One day if left unchecked, it could have been I, Grandpollian Grand Czar Trollian who lay dead before some other victorious leader.

                I turn and announce to my cabinet that now gathered before me.

                Many words would be lost on the moment. Instead, I paused, looked over at the now sinking sun and announced…..

                It is finished

                The End
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                Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                  I know that this was a busy time for me - end of financial year and all

                  though I am shocked I did not read this

                  well done matey - well done indeed
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                    Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                      Wow, pretty amazing!

                      Thanks for the role.
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                        Originally posted by Boris Godunov
                        Wow, pretty amazing!

                        Thanks for the role.
                        Thanks foir the input!

                        Another day another Boris will arise

                        Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah