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  • Grandpa Troll
    I have ordered the Seigfried Line to be hastily completed. This is most problematic resolution to trespassing. Thieves and warmongering military members seem to take leave of absence of senses when walking about in a foreign land.

    Now that our science has refocused and a most serious troublemaker of Mother Russia has been relieved of the office for which he served so well, that being selling of him for a cheap glass of whiskey. He got his and now we will get ours. That is past, this is the present and each action will dictate the path the future will take.

    Our countrymen and women get message delivered that America must be stopped at our borders as they offer decadent rock and roll and loose value system that is most opposite of Mother Russia!

    Soon, as our buildup and transference of troops come to border area of our southern forest and mountain areas, we receive message that America has dispatched a small strike force. We are attacked without reason and violent reprisal to our innocent citizens for not converting to a democratic society. Hmm, this is a bad omen for what I had hoped could be a peaceful coexistence. We have amassed 378000 troops not 20 miles from our borders yet America attacks us?

    Is this to check our response?

    Is this to bait us?

    It is not a matter to my Military or me as we have a very clear answer!

    Subjection to pain! Our Tanks roll on and take out 17 settlements and border towns, expanding now our border territories another 14 miles southward!

    West to east we have now have a better line of border hills and mountains. Our Forests are rich with wood for building new homes. Birch trees line our roadways and we will cut them down and make a nice open area to see our enemies. We will stage where once stood forest that these Americans walked though. We have demolished New Portland, a shame as these Americans build up under our feet, pressing us.

    The border area along the coast is most inviting. Seafaring centers with an abundance of food which we will feed our troops with. I wish to meet with American leadership and am constantly turned away. My troops attack without as much as a small concern for American loss of life and property! Many good spirited and well-conditioned troops perish under my broadsword of death. We battle like crazed dogs for 11 months and then a meeting is possible to set up. Our delegations set and meet.

    “Czar Trollian Iv, we offer a light which we can both hold up and see if any room for a cease fire and peace plan?” asks President Lincolns own Diplomat Henry Kissinger. We agree and sign an accord which will soon be broken forever by my hearts desire to rid the countryside of these dogs. They steal my people and technology; they loot my fields my people have labored over. I am close to building my new super T-34 tank force. We have found what we need. It is synthetic’s. My scientists discovered this is what our tanks need and soon, maybe a month we should have first prototype.

    We close down borders tight and start construction of new production facilities for our new tanks. It is a good time when an announcement is made that indeed we now have technology and will soon be making major strike forces with this T-34 Modern Warfare Machinery. It is sleek and so Sovietesque looking. It requires a crew of 4, a Tank commander, a driver a gunner and a loader of ammunition. It weighs in at 68 tons. It can run for 600 miles and has long range of attack. I am proud and now have scientists moved to secret areas. I order the shutdown of Smolensk Center for research to keep secrets from being stolen. I need not more technology. I need to keep what technology I have.

    The scientists seem to be concerned and ask why they are being ushered out. I order them to be silenced and send all 28 to different directions deep within our borders. They will man tables in tunnels and pits needing mining technology upgrades. Yes, they will serve good purpose but no not available to be bribed or kidnapped. I will not allow this mistake to rear its ugly head again!

    I now have 100000 T-34 tanks with upgrading facilities for our existing 378000 tanks. Soon, when we complete upgrades America will pay the price. I order my naval forces to seal up trade routes. My military focus on Tanks to roll out. I have transports and will load them to send to southern coast as originally designed. I fear not security leaks. I fear nothing. Victory is within grasp of Mother Russia. Victory will be mine over decadent American way of life. Yes, Mother Russia will show the world. France, Germany, England and now America will see how Mother Russia’s resolve plays out!. All have tasted defeat, and all will look up from their graves to see me standing when it is all said and done!

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  • Grandpa Troll
    We are closing noose around England. I find further battles are painfully expensive to our morale and propaganda battles. Many workers are the targets of sneak attacks and this is a most troublesome problem. It is as though we have had the enemy take a look behind our lines, from behind. It is troublesome and I will find what is the root cause. I know we have traitors and most trusted comrades would be enticed into leaving the dreams of Mother Russia. I will assure all involved, if I find a traitor they will leave this earth.

    I am having my presence required at meeting of First Secretary of Border Security report. I arrive and listen intently as to what he and Dmitri Andropov my Military Overlord have for me.

    “Czar, we have all battalions of tanks not currently engaged with England acquisition shutting off the borders. We have sent reinforcements of Cossack Mountain Special Forces Regiment to the southern region. We hope soon that new T-34’s will be available, Czar!” reports Mikhail Furgru.

    “All along our southern borders we are reinforcing and soon entire line makes border not passable, we name Seigfried in honor of your Great Uncle!” is his report.

    “The Naval operations, we are moving on path desired?” I ask.

    “Czar, from the report of Vladimir Netschenko First Naval Operations Officer, we have the American coast to their West fortified to intercept any convoys or patrols.”

    We are not in battle yet but America is pressing for reasons behind our buildup.

    Meanwhile I receive reports that Border Security forces have in possession paperwork from Russian Military planners. These documents were found in hands of English saboteurs well behind their lines. How could this be? I head to my command post to have a look at first hand. We code and change that code on different days to confuse, but this is most recent. It shows that England is still committed to survival. A people should know when they are beaten!

    Back at command post we look over documents. It seems as though a Colonel has smuggled into the English hands most important documents but I have learned he died in city of New London. We found also he had his hands dirty with bringing courier service from our Science department. It is so sad, England did not have what they needed, developmental facilities for the research they bought.

    Now we learn that a piece of cheese has been swallowed and our traps have caught two rats, and I head over to interrogation.

    “Czar, we can explain, it is not what it looks like”, explains a half dead badly beaten, I mean to say interrogated Mira Troika former Science chief. I motion for him to be lifted to where we could talk.

    “Your Czar, a most rationale leader, will allow you a quick death. Why did you do this to Mother Russia?” I inquire.

    His answer is clear, greed and the unfulfilled promise of a piece of the promised land of an easy life. I look past his hung head and signal him away. He will be disposed of and vanish like other traitors, never to be heard from again.

    I then stand, go to next room where Alexi is. He was my most trusted spy. Now he is about to get his payoff. I cannot even come to grips with the betrayal pain he has caused. I reach for my pistol and execute him myself. It is now clear; he was reason behind American aggression tactics. He was telling them all along what our intentions were.

    We now have England where we want and at the last city, we find the corpse of Queen Elizabeth. She had been shot and died sometime in the previous night. I order the city of New Birmingham razed.

    Our troops focus on the siege of America. This is the last of the war torn tribes that our Mother Russia will battle for this chapter of world supremacy. But they wont just let us live. We are not an unreasonable people. We do not attack America. They attack our very fabric or trusts by purchasing the use of a few scoundrels and some paper. They do not know that it is not the intelligence or the technology that makes us a great country and a greater people. It is the heart and sacred duty that all true Russians hold dear and on high!

    We hope that America will understand there is another way. Time will tell as the bell rings a resounding toll.

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  • Grandpa Troll
    I am left to ponder no more of why our scientists seem to be stagnating their progressive advancements! I have a meeting set up with Alexi, my cold war spy whom is a mole for my peoples causes deep within America.
    I send for my trusted Science advancement sector chief Mira Troika. I wait and soon my dispatched page returns. I receive a report most disturbing.

    “Czar Trollian IV, he is not to be found and furthermore I report news that 3 tops researchers are also not at station they should have reported to. I will contact our border security to look for them, if it pleases you?” Tersiek reports.

    “Yes, Tersiek, please find what has happened, as this is indeed most curious” I bid him leave.

    I ponder to myself what the possible implications are of this non authorized leave during this time of much needed research. I knew we were behind and could not know for sure what was reason. I will go myself to meet with these scientists in person. They will show me first hand what I must know, I do not want to think worse but this is indeed troublesome developments, most unexpected and even more so unneeded!

    I head out to new secret training locations of scientists. This is indeed secret yet my senses fear it has been perhaps breached. Winding though deep forests and over hills rich with tradition we enter a small settlement. I have not announced my surprise tour and inspection and therefore catch many surprises. I first see lack of security precautions with some comings and goings of technical scientific assistant researchers within compound area to rear of garden. This is not secured. I beckon my military assistant along with Special Enforcement Police Chief Boris Gudonov to gather closely.

    “We have found the hole, now we must find the rat and bait used and we will soon find to what degree we have been subverted.” I continue in a lower voice, “Do not seemed alarmed or respond with heavy hand, for I truly trust someone with position has allowed this to take place. I have ways to find out and you, Boris, take over security here. I want to stop this stupidity of allowing free movement. I trust you will seal off this compound. I order a secure perimeter around this area, this is off limits now and shoot any subversives seen entering or leaving without your expressed permission, which you will of course not give!”

    I continue on and enter the main corridor of Smolensk Center for Russia Research. Many surprised faces are stunned to see me here. I wave calmly, speaking softly “I have come to congratulate my most excellent and smart team of superior researchers. Come please continue to work and speak freely as what you are currently working on”

    “Czar Trollian IV, it is most honor to have you’re here” snaps Petra Oskovski, a Polish native descent whom has converted and joined Mother Russia’s causes. “We were researching a most aggressive new Tank but with your permission” he pauses waiting for my permission to continue. I nod and listen intently as he speaks “Science advancement sector chief has been guiding our research and then in the past several months has been taking certain, liberties, and removing mist sensitive research materials, and with his new assistant,” he notes curious eye movement of mine and pauses. “Czar, you act surprised? Petra awaits my response.

    I encourage him to continue, “Please this new assistant, what does this person for look like. What is name and what do you know of this new addition to team.?”

    “Czar, he carries himself well, most engaging fellow, tall, slender build, with short black hair and heavy guttural accent…” his voice trails off as I feel a punch to my soul. It can’t be but it has to be. I am sure now it all is coming together. I have been used and am overwhelmed by both pain and betrayal. I have special picture of Alexi Burnesta, my spy and me and now I am most sure my archenemy.

    “Petra, you pass honesty test” I lie through my teeth, showing him my picture only I have shown to no one but Alexi and now Petra, “You have met this man, no?” I implore.

    Petra smiles,” Czar yes that is Andropov Salmota; he is much knowledgeable in field of Military research. He says soon we will use new technology with nuclear fusion power. This is why he took us off the project part of attack capabilities. He told us to work on armor and he will bring us much needed research, which has been approved by you, according to Mira Troika Science advancement sector chief.”

    I smile, slapping Petra on back,” This is good; now, you passed most important security inquiry. Would you do Mother Russia a great favor Petra?”

    Petra answers “Anything you command Czar!”

    “Return to researching original T-34 Tank project. Can you get us back on track?” I enquire.

    “Yes, Car it may take 2 weeks but we have most plans and labs that can be converted back” he answers with smile.

    I bid him goodbye and leave research lab and meet in garden with Boris..

    “No one enters and no one leaves. Allow Petra freedom to research this project. I will alert Mikhail Furgru First Secretary of Border Security. I want the borders closed and two persons are now to be detained and arrested as enemies of Russia. Most important that they be seized and not allowed entry to Science Labs. Is this clear, Boris?” I command with no pause or wavering in my command of a new resolve.

    “Czar, as you wish, please, names Czar!” Boris listens intently.

    I lean forward, embracing Boris,” We have been betrayed and I have been sold for a pinch of barley oats. Most regrettable but time will have her way. Arrest both Mira Troika Science advancement sector chief and the common troublemaker and number one enemy of Mother Russia and Grandpollian Grand Czar Trollian IV Alexi Burnesta. We will talk later, now I must be alone. Go make it so Boris!”

    I bid him goodbye and leave to be with myself to grieve and collect my thoughts of what may be taking place.

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  • unscratchedfoot

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  • unscratchedfoot
    Originally posted by Grandpa Troll

    We have sense of humor in Mother Russia, NO? I have First Secretary General of Humor Buford T Pusser II, he was formely of America and whenever he use stick, we all in Russia laugh like Gorky Park Pain inflictors!!

    This is a funny I made, no?
    I don't understand this post.

    I will read this story later cause its a bit long for right now cause I'm a slow reader. Well, I can read fast but not catch everything properly so its better I read it later. Anyways, good luck for now.

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  • Grandpa Troll
    The message that was sent was indeed received and even my people now have clearer picture of our Russian Resolve: We are committed and will do what is necessary to rule this world! I now turn my attention to a meeting of most trusted and high military executers of Russian War Machine. We assemble and greet each other and I unveil new master plan.

    “Comrades, our Phase One has been most successful! This is now behind Mother Russia, Phase’s Two and Three are unfolding, the English Whores do not know which way to turn. America has been very active on our borders. Here is what I propose.” Pausing, I motion Sergei Molotov our most trusted Tank Commander forward.

    “We met this past week along with our Naval Transportation sector. We propose to launch most major offensive buildup for response to the most southern area of America’s settlements. This will require greater forces, and much will depend upon surprise. I would ask for input as for time possibilities. We could perhaps await new advanced technology of Modern fast moving T-34 Tanks now in design phase, no?” I pause awaiting input.

    “Czar Troll IV, most excellent idea sir, perhaps we could use our current Tanks, which now number over 200 Battalions, to sweep down from the North along Americas Western Front. This will most assuredly bring attention and response from their forces.” Answers Mikhail Furgru our First Secretary of Border Security. We can building deep attack teams the width of our border and sweep southward. This will allow our teams to attack from the south coming northward.

    “I will require a report, of Naval Transportation capabilities.” I pause looking toward Vaselli Gorspon Transportation Under Secretary and Vladimir Netschenko First Naval Operations Officer. Vaseilli stands and offers his response first, “Czar Trollian IV, we have the needs of production of perhaps 6 more transports so we will be able to have a better supply of troops. I have met with production facilities and the assure me this will not be a problem.” Sitting down, he turns to Vladimir whom continues” Czar Trollian IV, we will bring more battleships Class Stalin to the Sea and also offer a safe corridor against American sea aggressors. We will of course not patrol the southern sector until your permission as we know America is suspicious and do not want to alert to possible Soviet Sea plans!”

    “It is quite possible that we could overextend ourselves, we must make plans quietly. I want scientists to go forward and we will mass produce this new tank when we can. “ I pace the floor.

    “First, we must burn England and the whore houses she calls cities ands settlements to the ground. I want all the cities under our Mother Russian leadership. How is the future looking?” I pause, awaiting my reports.

    “Czar, we have several key cities and many more workers, we also have captured the English creation they called Colossus which is a most good money maker. We hope this will help break spirits down of England.” Offers Igor Gorkispa My Deputy Foreign Minister of External Affairs.

    “Let us all go now and prepare our breaking down of England’s spirit, and victory to Mother Russia!” as I bid my commanders a safe and prosperous journey.

    When all have left, I exit our meeting room close and lock the door. I go to back room and turn on lantern, and a figure in the dark stands and hugs me warmly. It is none other than my most secret ally, Alexi Burnesta whom to all others is a pest and troublemaker.

    “Alexi, how was your trip?” I enquire, offering him a glass of cognac. “You have news for me, no?” I enquire.

    “Czar Trollian IV, America is planning an encounter with you, they have a pipeline into Russia, they have contact with our scientists, unfortunately and have been taking secrets from our people for some time!” his news incites my ire.

    “What traitor is this, Alexi, what no count son of biatch would do such a thing?” I lean forward, my eyes piercing the dark room.

    “Czar, I am to meet with him soon, as he is to help me with my “peoples causes”; as we both laugh uncontrollably, for the Americans and Russians both think he is an instigator against Russia.

    “Alexi, do they possess this new tank knowledge yet?” I ask grimly.

    “No, Czar Trollian, they do not possess this or the production facilities They have the scientists scratching like the American dogs they are, for missing technology advancements.” He answers.

    I stand and shake his hand and ask him to go back and find who is the traitor so we may set trap. We embrace and he leaves under darkness. I watch him disappear and turn to what I must do, calling for my people to even sacrifice more. More? Yes we must not tarry, we must press forward. Russia will not be caught, how is America and English say it, “Flatfooted?” I laugh, as most certainly England, by now, knows we are not even close to being that!

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  • PresidentMarcos
    Ahh...You are truly the cruelest bastard I know. That makes you my kind of a person! Here! Have some anthrax cookies!

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  • Grandpa Troll
    Originally posted by PresidentMarcos
    I was just kidding. Speaking of which, "In what pocket does Czar Troll keep his comb?" "He doesn't. He's bald." Beat that.
    We have sense of humor in Mother Russia, NO? I have First Secretary General of Humor Buford T Pusser II, he was formely of America and whenever he use stick, we all in Russia laugh like Gorky Park Pain inflictors!!

    This is a funny I made, no?
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  • PresidentMarcos
    I was just kidding. Speaking of which, "In what pocket does Czar Troll keep his comb?" "He doesn't. He's bald." Beat that.

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  • Grandpa Troll
    Originally posted by PresidentMarcos
    Mmm. Very violent. Makes the history of the Levant look peaceful and placid by comparison. Say, is the leader's hometown anywhere near, oh, say, Chernobyl or Semiplatinsk? Radiation can have quite an effect on unborn children, you know.
    Perhaps you go for walk in tunnel with me, No?

    I have place perhaps for you in observations of national security concerns, yes?

    Maybe I offer you a mine and farmland in new formely English soon to be territory!

    This is good to you, No?

    Grandpollian Grand Czar Trollian IV
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  • PresidentMarcos
    Mmm. Very violent. Makes the history of the Levant look peaceful and placid by comparison. Say, is the leader's hometown anywhere near, oh, say, Chernobyl or Semiplatinsk? Radiation can have quite an effect on unborn children, you know.

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  • Grandpa Troll
    All Hail Mother Russia!

    We have great treaded war machines called Tanks. These English and Americans will soon hear death and destruction coming from afar! Many years pass and many battles and peace periods come and go. I have now 30 brigades of tanks battling. But these tanks need refueling and this is now evident that we will need refitting and refueling. I have designed the battle to take cities along coastal area to cut off English departure. My many Battleships rule and sink these minor English skirmishes on the high seas. We have submarines, cruisers and battleships sinking much of wasted English wood! My transports are earning their worthiness as masters of avoiding detection! We have also performed admirably with troublemakers as workers as bait! These English should be enjoying their new slaves! I am most pleased that we have less reeducation efforts and more scientific efforts. Our Scientists have now a missile to launch. We will soon test and see if this works against citizens of inferior settlements! Planes, like birds with metal wings will be available. Our researchers tell our people to look for aluminum deposits and soon we find them and build a few colonies to harvest. These English I must admit are worthy adversaries, for they battle hard with sneak attacks to all openings in our lines. I address my commanders to reinforce outlying settlements with Cossacks Liberation Mountain Fighters, worthy of a good defense in these tough terrain areas not easily supplied.

    At the coastal battleground, we capture after a hard battle New London. But this is at a much grievous cost as we lose a battalion of tanks. The English do not want to give up the coast and fight hard. Our Naval Fleet takes out their coast guard controlling the inland waterways entry ports and then we flatten new London and leave not a survivor one!

    A very good moment for our propaganda ministers as we liberate Archangel Irkutsk, which was lost many years, and battles ago. Now well reinforced and a large contingent of fresh fighters, we see small openings in what was once perceived as a tougher defense contingency. We take out port city after port city. In the meantime, secretive attacks seize yet more workers, even more than ones we most strategically placed to be acquired. We have some concerned citizens and have small revolutions here and there, which we put down most quickly.

    Our scientists have secretly found ways to harness waterpower and are at work on a great project, Hoover Dam, after American location. This is soon to be designed and put online for our future success as the leader in this world gone mad with blood and suffering. I have in place a great battle plan coming to a success, slowly yes but ever moving toward its designed purpose! We are getting closer to completing Phase One by securing the southwestern coastal area of England. I am moving a third of my military secretly toward the northwestern sea as I will secure this in Phase Two. Phase Three will take place shortly after Phase Two is underway. This will split the country in two, down the middle cutting supply routes off, shutting down reinforcements opportunities and dividing the governments ability to respond. It will be a most unpleasant and costly battle against the English Whore but once done, then it is only the infidel American Dogs left to deal with.

    I now do what many think as heinous. Many would call me a criminal. Some would not understand, others would applaud me in years to come. I will do what I must to have victory for my people. I summons my baddest dog, Special Enforcement Police Chief Boris Gudonov.

    “Boris, I have sent a special detachment of Gorky Park Security accompanied by Border Security Special Forces led by Latimov Illonatrurk, our most trusted Spy. He has brought back a few guests. I want you to come and watch what we have to do. This is most troubling and will assuredly be rewarding.” I prepare him as we travel though the mountains to a secret facility.

    When we enter the tunnel opening, we are greeted by a small group of KGB special enforcement interrogators. They motion us in and we wind deep though a maze of tunnels and trap doors. Finally, we come to an opening with several large wooden tables and a few lights on stands with generators powering them. Inside are 15 or so military forces surrounding 4 prisoners of England’s diplomatic council.

    Immediately, apparently the senior official stands and disrespectfully addresses me, to which he is put down with a handgun at his ear and security dog ripping at his legs and arms, and as flesh is torn and he howls out, I motion the handler to back off. “What have we here?” I inquire. “You will of course not be allowed to return to the whore that was your former employer. No, this is not possible. I will say that you may or may not have something to offer Mother Russia. I would almost be certain that our dog has gotten your attention. This is good, but this is not enough I would suspect. I am not a patient man, I do not want to go through long, painful time so here is what we are going to do” pausing I nod ever so detectably, as one of my KGB shoves an ice pick into the side of the head of the senior official. This blood spewing excites my attack prized and personally trained Russian Siberian Wolfhounds, which are allowed to tear into the now expired corpse, ripping apart and causing a most gruesome mess.

    “Now, as I am sure some, even perhaps of my own security enforcement sector present here, find this a most terrible incident. I agree, but even now, some of you English scum may have an idea to resist, somehow in your mind, being a champion for your downed and destroyed comrade. Ok, “I nod and the youngest of the remaining 3 English Diplomats is kicked onto the floor.

    “I want to know who can tell me what your governments secret project is you are working on?” A moment of horror is shown on the faces of the three. I ask the young man, trembling on the ground, does he know what Mother Russia is known for as a symbol? He nods no, I laugh loudly as another KGB slashes at him with a large sickle and then a hammer takes out his head, spattering blood across the other two.

    “I will ask, and I am not as earlier stated, a patient man, what your government is working on so secretly?” Both diplomats start sputtering gibberish of some airborne missile that can be launched from a distant. I have them both held and shoved face forward onto the table, their arms bound with rope and strung up on a hook, stretching their limbs almost to the point of breaking. I look at the second in command, a man in his 40’s with graying hair. “Should I believe you?” “YES!” he screams. “And you, would you lie to me?” I enquire of the other. “Please, I will tell you!”

    I stare at them and motion to the KGB to get behind the second in command, sledgehammers in hand. I look at the other, continuing, “I believe you, you know why?”
    Horrified, he shakes his head unknowingly.

    “Because, if you lie to me “I signal the KGB as they break the second in commands arms and legs “You will end up like him.

    I hear of the project and its capabilities and what time frame and also where it will be launched from.

    “Please, don’t kill me” he pleads.

    “You are not worthy to live, you betray the courage and commitment of these that have fallen in front of you. You give up your country to save yourself.” I pull my pistol and take this whore’s son’s life.

    “Put these bodies” pausing, as two of the corpses are not fully intact” or what remains and place exposed on a wagon, leave on the doorstep to England’s first open city. Let this be a message to all England of our intentions!
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  • Grandpa Troll
    It has come to this, we Mother Russia, have been fronted with two most bothersome countries. Our land is a myriad of production and trade. Luxurious countryside beaming with laborious toil; attention to a common cause is what we have and now, we must avert our attention of being the Glorious and Proud Russian Nation, to that of a smooth war machine on not one but two fronts!

    I grin with a wide smile no more; I bear a sullen response as we now have to recognize that self-sacrifice is all too often a cavernous abyss. Do we as Russian common folk have what it takes to ward off trespassing whores? And what of this Industrious, treacherous American Dog that now eats off the scraps of our table? Are we to contend with having fleas on our good folks? Am I to listen to constant barking, me the Great Grandpollian Grand Czar Trollian IV, of this American dog? Am I to bid and beckon to a mere dog? This abyss we not face is as uncertain as our Siberian winds. They come and go and leave death and despair with each cold gust. I know we can but bargain for a night. I know we must have a better military in place and yes we will, soon I am assured, soon!

    Word is sent that we have most unfortunately reengaged the English Whores. I have 700,000 infantry in route to our new settlements and same number by twice to our Western Front. We have the first battle in the mountains near Bilyarsk Valley and it is most bloody. My troops are fighting a battle against what is a most disturbing unforeseen turn of events. The English have amounted unit, no, a multitude of mounted units with firepower. They have apparently stolen or been sold our Cossack technology! It is indeed a most formidable attack force. Our infantry fight hard but it is a tough battle. We suffer many losses and soon we do turn the tide and wing down a wielding maneuver that completely flattens the English settlement of Newman.

    Atrocities of war are now overshadowing a simple warrior code most military Generals would prefer to live by. These English Whore Mongers have gone into our countryside and waged a war of unspeakable carnage and lustful desire, raping and pillaging our field workers. The men have been taken into chains and bondage while women and some children enslaved, raped or hung with a burning stake driven through their heart! How could this be? I will show them a much higher price as I lower the standards I have afforded their people on previous encounters! My troops are now dug in and yes even advancing. We take out several English cities and now have a strong toehold and moving deeper into the harsher realities of new territory acquisitions!

    “I need to have private and most important conversation with my most trusted and heartless Deputy of reprogramming of idealistic idle minds Ivan Rotina” I motion for my field assistant to send a courier for him. While I am awaiting his coming, I notice many couriers headed toward my command post.

    Once though security sentries, they are allowed to present notifications and official transcriptions. “Czar Trollian IV, our scientists have reported almost completed motorized assault troops, soon they will be ready and we can start a mechanized assault. Most formidable Czar!” they boast with pride. “Good, good, please advance to me news as soon as is possible and we will start fitting out cities to produce advances in modern military machinery.” I send them on their way with a slap on back and slight smile of affirmation, a barely detectable glimmer of hope in my eyes. For I know that this is needed to contend with a war on two fronts!

    “Czar Trollian IV, how may I serve you and Mother Russia?” offers Ivan Rotina.

    “We are having problems with rioters and subversives Ivan, our land is plagued by small factions denouncing our policies and promoting free thinking” I pause and lean closer to Ivan, “I have plan, we could take people and instead of sending to reeducation centers to help adjust attitude, we instead reward for good ideas, and send to front lines to be sharecroppers, offer partial payments and let the English and Americans take them prisoner.” “Czar, this is most excellent and brilliant plan. I could go and meet with subversives we just recently sent and tell them that you are pleased with ideas and that as reward, they get your incentive!”

    Ivan departs and I smile as I know the English Whores will enjoy new slaves, trouble makers and that let them cause them pain and time!

    I now turn toward the battles we have at hand. Our naval engagements are doing well as are our reinforcing the new settlements area. We are currently outfitting our Cossack Regiments in several dozen of our production centers. If I can just hold of America a little longer……..
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  • Grandpa Troll
    “Nyet, Nyet” I pace the floor.

    I will no longer bend over like a most eager to please European Lap Dog! I scour and frown, grit my teeth and eye picture of great leaders from my country’s past and future. What I am doing is not what Peter the great would have done. I am bartering when I should have her kneeling at my throne. But it is ok that we are not warring, but I swear on my great leaders graves, next time will be met with resistance and resolve!

    I have great news that my scientists have found some new chemical composition, Polyarni, which may make some great resistance to ships hulls in deep water, perhaps this along with many engines in ship, we cross to water areas unknown and then crush the English whores!

    I am contemplating when the news will come of more land units when a resounding thud comes on my chambers doors. I see it is yet just light coming over my Ural Mountains.

    “Come in” I beckon. The intruder that knocks is a Gorky Park Security Specialist Political Officer Mikhail Tertian. “Yes?” I question him, “please reports what it is that interrupts my moments of solitude?”

    He snaps to attention like good obedient Russian troop should, answer with news that shouldn’t come but was inevitable: England is again forcing us by settling at foot of mining area for coal. This settlement overtakes us soon, today, maybe tomorrow but most certainly by 2 days outside time limit.

    “Czar, she insists, no, demands and taunts us, why she even sent a junior, a Junior diplomat this time. This means she considers us not only worthy of respect, but does not even address your Greatness Czar!” reports Officer Tertian.

    “Send for my First Secretary of Border Security Mikhail Furgru” I request urgently.

    “I also want my Transportation Under Secretary, Science advancement sector chief, First Naval Operations Officer and Military Overlord. 20 minutes from now we meet and make a plan, quickly, go get them!” I pound my fist in the air. I will have my way!

    Meanwhile Queen Elizabeth is moving troops westward toward our new settlements. My Naval Operations are transporting troops as quickly as can be done. I hear we are really working hard and soon will have superior weapons on the seas. The seas! Strong storms hamper transportation and my settlements are very vulnerable, but I will have my way!

    I hear the group assembling inside my meeting rotunda, my chambers where most important matters to the state of Russian Affairs will be discussed and declared. I have news that many will like and those that do not, well, better they let me know, I am very interested in hearing alternative plans. I am very fair man and I will understand opinions. I will listen to the degree of concern. I must know who has superior thoughts to the betterment of Mother Russia!
    I have also invited Special Enforcement Police head Boris Gudonov. He is o smartly dressed in Black Leather trench coat. He is a strong man. I am not talking muscles and brawn of someone say in Labor camp for retraining of will and mind direction, no I mean in Soul and Spirit. He does things that most people even those loyal to our country’s causes could not even conceive of. But it is most necessary that we all understand what we are doing.

    I look over, speak to them “ gathered heads and most trusted loyal comrades in our cause” today we are faced with a most despicable decision that England’s people and her Whore of a leader brought to our doorstep! I understand we wanted peace and this may come but at a price and later time.”

    “Each of you loyal leaders, tell me what your preparedness level is that I commanded earlier this year, I know it is much I give but much is yet needed more!” I pause, pointing at my Transportation Under Secretary Vaselli Gorspon, how are these railroads coming?”

    He answers, “Czar we are at this time 80 % completed in our land and conquered areas 5)% or better, materials do not exist close in the foreign soils we now possess.”

    I then hear a commotion and a knock comes on door, “The English declare War if we do not surrender Alkatrasik Mountain Ranges on our Western Front!” My emissary states, falling from exhaustion.

    “Send the message, England and their whores will trouble us no more! Prepare to release the hounds again!” I state defiantly!

    When our message lands on England’s ears they immediately attack and kill innocent farmers and woodcrafters outside of Military encampments.

    We attack and then raze New Ipswich and with a swift motions take3 larger economic centers of trade. I am sending many reinforcements across the Dark Sea and we are violently attacked with a large force they undoubtedly planned for some time. 1000 poor souls are reported to have lost when England’s butcher brigade assaulted a sparsely manned outpost named Arkangel Irkutsk. There were 7000 strong and then a small garrison was put under the knife and flintlock.

    This will be a grave mistake for them English. The war lasted 8 months and cost the English a total of 6 major economic centers. Many subjects once loyal to the crown pledge unconditional love and heart to Mother Russia and me. Fools these English are, I don’t want their love or respect. I want their Arses working and working without ceasing!

    I hear wailing and crying from many English and find that in order to persevere along our new settlement area to the rear of English territory I offer a health peace pledge to them. Fools the English are they take it. I hate to leave my city that was taken in their hands but I will have it back!

    Word from my scientists are that we now have a military unit known as Infantry with a third better attack ability using gunpowder with a long bore rifle. It is very clever that we shoot from a distance instead of up close. Hmm, very interesting. I also hear good reliable reports that we have transport boats hauling 1/3rd more troops and have a cruiser to both escort and defend them and our coastal cities! It is huge and when I have more the English will be cleaning up beaches with their brave but stupid soldiers and seamen!

    We now have peace and their troops retreat. It is good and as we speak new workers and mounts, 3500 are landing and well garrisoning our forward positions. I hear also that we can outfit our current troops to be trained as Infantry!

    This is most pleasing to Mother Russia’s cause!

    Until next we report, we now are at the ready producing and amassing the next siege wave!

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  • vovan
    Quality stuff, ol' Granpa.

    All must bow to Mother Russia.

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