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  • The Kingdom of Kann

    * Writer’s Note *
    I decided that after a few games of horrible power struggles, I would familiarize myself with Civ3 with a Tiny Planet with Three enemies. This was only my fourth full game, and I still didn’t know all the ropes yet so I wanted to play one through to learn the bare minimum. (A lot of help came from this site, which I greatly appreciated!)
    And even though my Civilization was actually Germany, I renamed all the aspects to make it more personalized for such a shorter game.
    Hope you enjoy my story! I enjoyed creating it!

    The Kingdom of Kann

    -King Kahnn-
    From his Palace, King Kahnn could see the heart of his Kingdom. To the south, the great city of Kehnt was dwarfed by the two looming mountains that stood tall by it. These two mountains created the Kehnt Pass, where years ago Kahnn’s father defeated an army of barbarians. The King could also see the city of Torin to the north, and the city of Jerim to the southeast. And although he could not see past the Eastern Kann Mountain range, he knew that behind it nestled safely the city of Beyre.
    He looked out at his kingdom pleased. It was the largest nation the area had ever seen. Not even the French or Chinese nations were so extended. The Chinese sat looming in the south of the Kingdom. And the French rested to the northeast. The weak yet dangerous Aztecs settled the lands most southeast of the Kingdom, past Chinese lands.
    The King Kahnn ended his view of his realm as he turned to return to his office. There he was met by his foreign minister and advisor, “Sire, the French are requesting an audience with you. I believe they wish to buy or trade for some of our Dyes.”
    “Good.” Kahnn said calmly, sitting on his large comfortable chair. “and I trust you have spoken to the Chinese about their convoys and troop parties?”
    “Yes sir,” the advisor said, placing a peace of parchment on the King’s desk, “they have agreed not to encroach on the border any further, but they did demand of you to ‘resist your paranoia’. They then dismissed me.”
    “Paranoia is a blind man’s calling for action. I know what they want. It’s our unclaimed western lands. They also want to shift the balance of power here in the west. I’m not a fool. I will not allow that to happen.”
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    -Kannan Relations-
    The foreign ambassador to France stepped nimbly into the King’s chamber. At the moment the Domestic Advisor was with the King, and the ambassador did not want to interrupt. But coolly, the King waved his hand to signal the ambassador over to him.
    “I just don’t want to see those people in Vehn and Bwore to starve. Get to work out there as soon as you can. Start building up some Temples too to improve our relations with the people out on the border.” The King was saying as the ambassador walked up to the desk.
    “Yes my lord.” The advisory gathered what few papers he had and left the chamber. The King stood with a smile on his face to greet the French ambassador.
    “Ambassador Jean Paul! How are you?” the King said inviting him to sit.
    “I’ve had a long vacation from your beautiful lands to speak with my Queen, my good King. And we have a proposal for your Kingdom you may want to look into.” Jean Paul had a smile on his face as he handed the King the proposal.
    “Gems for Dyes?” the King asked. “Doesn’t seem like a bad offer. Espcially coming from my ever trustful friends the French.” The King’s face gave way to another smile. “Yes. This seems like a good deal, tell your Queen that her first shipment is with you on your journey home.”
    “Yes sir.”
    Suddenly, just before the ambassador arrived, another man stepped in. He looked a little more worn than anyone else that had walked through those doors in the past days. The King, not losing a beat in his last statements to the ambassador, addressed the young man by name without even needing to remember it.
    “Captain Tremond!” the young rusty looking man walked to the King.
    “Your highness.” Tremond said, bowing slightly. “What do I earn the extreme honor of an audience?
    “It is I that is honored Tremond.” The King said. “You’ve mapped this entire continent’s coastline, and now I have a job for you, if you’re interested.”
    “For my King I am interested in anything.” Tremond said with a grin.
    “Good. I want you to take a group of settlers to find the rumored island in the western waters.” Tremond nodded, knowing the rumor. “I want you to set up a city there where you believe it will be more fruitful.”
    “What’s the payment my Lord? Other than the honor of serving my King and Country?” the grin grew to being a smile. But Tremond would not leave any agreement without knowing what he was to get in return.
    “For your services I would be willing to give you 500 gold pieces. And you could, if you choose have the honor of naming the colony after yourself. Interested still?”
    “Yes. When do I set off?”

    -Growing Shadows-
    “Sir.” The foreign advisor ran into the King’s chamber. “The Chinese have pulled away from our agreement of wines!”
    “Discontinue payments of gold now.” Kahnn said, looking up.
    “I have already given that order sire. Do you know why this is happening?”
    “Not the immediate cause, but I do believe that our friend Mao is showing his teeth. Did you hear of the Spearmen legion attempting to cross the Jerim lands?” the King asked of his advisor.
    “Yes sir. I did. They were sent back to the border, and hour later the crossed only to meet our Horsemen. They were sent back and second time and have stayed at the border since.”
    “That makes me uneasy. I don’t like anyone moving units through my realm. They apparently got extremely angry that they were denied to pass. That may be what lead to this end to trade. Then again, maybe Mao just didn’t have a good season in his vineyards. Either way I don’t like it. I have ordered General Gueven to Jerim. He will begin construction of an army of Knights.”
    “Sir?” the advisor looked confused and frightened in the same instant. “Are you going to risk open war?”
    “I may have no choice. China has been violating our borders and our agreements for many years. I cannot allow it to continue. If a war on China is to where fate is to take us, then that is what I will prepare for.”
    “But, my lord, the Chinese army could turn our eastern lands to rubble! Castle Ian and Verin are not equipped to stand off an invading army!” the foreign minister looked at the map on Kahnn’s desk and knew it was a possibility – War with China.
    “I’m going to summon my Military Advisors and Generals here. If you and I fail to negotiate with Mao and his Chinese Empire, we will be forced to engage him off the diplomatic table.”


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      Reminds me of my first story.

      Reminds me, almost eerily, of my first story.

      This has a great deal of potential, and I wish you the greatest luck in its composition.
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        I don't mean the 'First Story' bit as an insult, by the way, my first story was perfectly good. It showed potential, just as this one does.
        Read Blessed be the Peacemakers | Read Political Freedom | Read Pax Germania: A Story of Redemption | Read Unrelated Matters | Read Stains of Blood and Ash | Read Ripper: A Glimpse into the Life of Gen. Jack Sterling | Read Deutschland Erwachte! | Read The Best Friend | Read A Mothers Day Poem | Read Deliver us From Evil | Read The Promised Land


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          I didnt take it as an insult it makes me feel better actually! and thanks for your imput! I always enjoy to hear what people think of my work! My only problem thus far is being unable to post my Screenshots to give yall a map to see. But anywho, Heres my next installment:


          -Sizing for War-
          All of Kann’s most known and feared Generals and Military leaders were all in one room. Kahnn stood at the center of this circle of leaders. A large map now was posted behind Kahnn’s desk on the wall. It showed the known Chinese lands. The leaders had mapped out the most destructive route for a successful invasion of the Chinese lands.
          “If we take Shanghai early,” General Gueven was saying, “then we will be able to station reinforcements and injured troops there for the assault on Beijing.”
          “Beijing is the key. It is the heart of the Chinese Empire, gentlemen.” King Kahnn said. Pointing strongly to the Chinese capital city. “If we tear out the heart of the beast, it will fall to the ground bleeding without any further strikes required.”
          “What is the major importance of Beijing?” General Thop asked.
          “Beijing is the nerve center as it is the capital,” Kahnn began, “but furthermore, it holds control of the only luxury wines and resource Iron that the Chinese Empire has. If we take Beijing, we take those valuable resources, which we add to our own as theirs dry up. They will have nothing to barter with, and nothing to build swords and weapons with.”
          “When Beijing falls, with it so does the Chinese Empire.” General Gueven added.
          King Kahnn waited for all the men in the room to gather their thoughts, then he spoke once again. “Once Beijing is conquered, we may end the war. No use wasting more life when it is not required. At that point the Chinese will be damaged beyond repair, and they will not attempt to wrong us again.”
          “General Gueven will be Commander of the Jerim Forces. He is in command of the invasion if invasion is where we are lead. General Theth will join him in Jerim after he has assembled a division of Knights in Torin. The rest of you,” Kahnn turned looking at the hole of his military geniuses, “Will be sent to respective border cities to stage resistance and defense if the need should arise.”
          “Yes sir.” They said in unison.

          -The Nanking Situation-

          The city was calm, and dark in the night’s moonlight. Few walked through the streets. On this night, a conflict within the city would be resolved. A few blocks from the city’s barracks, there was one house still brightly lit. Inside wear a crowd of people, filling every space on the floor. The light cascaded through the people, swimming between the bodies as it burned.
          In the center of this mob, was a man, he stood on a table so that all could see him, “People of Nanking!” he began boomingly, “Too long have we been denied our needs! As our ‘great emperor’ spends hundreds on his own city, we are left to be nothing more than a mere trading hub.
          “Granted that we have been prosperous with what we have, but our Emperor denies us proper care such as a granary and aqueduct to expand! Our city is becoming far too crowded and people are starving!” he paused for dramatic effect, “Yet still our Emperor Mao does nothing! He sits in his Palace that WE have built for him! And he gives nothing back!!! Let us shed this apathetic leader and send his armed gaurds back to Beijing crying!”
          “But Wei! How are we to be able to fend for ourselves? Mao will simply bring an army here and enforce marshal law! What do we do then?” someone from the crowd said, speaking for the group’s worries.
          “We can join the Kingdom of Kann!” a gasp ran through the room. Kann had always been a rival of China’s and the thought spooked them. But with the kindness and care that Kahnn and his rule have given to the people even eastward, did entice them.
          Suddenly, the door burst open and three Chinese guards immediately barged in. They through people aside like rags, as more guards appeared in the doorway. After the moment of collective shock, the mob exploded into a frenzy. With overwhelming numbers soon the group of Spearmen guards were on the ground being stomped by the people above them.
          The mob now poured into the street like liquid from a container, with the weapons they stole from the Spearmen group, they marched on to the barracks.

          “Sir, a Chinese city has overthrown it’s governor and wishes to join the Kingdom… what have you?” the foreign advisor asked of Kahnnn as he walked in.
          “Let them join! Send in General Theth from Castle Ian to quell the situation and to install a new governor!”
          “Yes sir!”
          As the King walked into the hall to be met by his domestic advisor. “Sire, Captain Tremond has successfully set up a colony on the rumored island. He sends word of an iron source that he captured and has begun mining.”
          “Excellent.” Kahnn said buttoning his shirt and walking into the Grand Hall, where now hundreds of nobles and wealthy monarchs all mingled together. “This day just keeps on giving me great news!”


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            This is very enjoyable.

            I like your prelude, really set the scene.

            Keep it up
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              Very nice. I'd say it is actually a helluva lot better than Skilord's material.
              Here is an interesting scenario to check out. The Vietnam war is cool.


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                This is, indeed, good stuff, theDragon.

                You can attach images to your posts. When you click the "post reply" button, there is an option to put in an attachment in there somewhere. jpg images, for instance, will show up after the posts exactly as images, as opposed to download links. Screenies always add to a story like this, so I hope you figure it out soon.
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                  Nice start Dragon, good plot so far. The thing that makes a story is that, I must come back and see what happens next! factor.

                  Well, I must come back and see what happens next! so well done to you.
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                    Kannan Invasion Plan

                    This was the King's plan to invade China if the need should arise:
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                      I JPGed this baby for ya so people could see it easier, theDragon.
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                        Go get em...

                        Looking forward to more...
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                          Really, how about another installment of this, Dragon?
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                            Sorry about that, I've been swamped with crap from school but another installment will be posted within the next day or so. :-)


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                              Ominous Powers

                              *Writers Note*
                              Sorry again for the wait. Heres the next installment hope you like it!

                              -Ominous Powers-
                              *Canton, China*

                              “The Kannans are becoming far too powerful. I think we can both agree upon that, can’t we?” Emperor Mao said, sitting down on the chair across from the Aztec Warrior Chief Montezuma.
                              “Yes. And they have seized control of the major resources in the area! They hold control of the entire supply of Iron except what you have in Beijing, and that will not last us long.”
                              “Yes… resources…” Mao looked down at the old map that was on the table. “If we could take Beyre, Andres, and Castle Ian, we would be able to take two sources of Iron and secure a good location for any further invasions.”
                              “Yes, and according to this map, once we have Beyre we could send troops through the mountains to sack Kann! From there Torin and Kehnt aren’t far!”
                              “Now now, Montezuma we don’t want to spread our forces too thin. We hardly have any military units as it is. And we must think about protecting my cities as well. Kahnn would most likely send his armies through Jerim to attack Shanghai. There aren’t enough troops in the eastern Kannan cities to worry me, but Jerim seems to be increasing its supply of armed units.”
                              “What of Nanking?”
                              “Nanking must be liberated at all costs, then we can concentrate our forces on Beyre and Ian. Those revolutionists were nothing more than Kannan spies and if I allow Nanking to fall to the Kingdom of Kann, then more will follow. And I cannot afford to allow that to happen.”
                              They continued to look over the map until finally Mao raised his head and asked, “How soon can you have troops at Shanghai and Nanking?”
                              “Soon.” A smile crept onto the both of the men’s faces.