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  • PTW Demo Game Team Thread

    Okay, I'm starting this thread so that teams and team members can organize.

    Of course, I've started a team, with an unknown name and no particular civ picked out yet. 10 person limit (for security and involvement purposes), 8 slots remaining.

    Any other teams out there?

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    2nd team
    Rome as tentative civ choice

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      The Glory of War is up and running. Warmongers delight.

      Hmmmm.... didn't know you started a thread for team two Ninot. I posted a link from the DG to The Glory of War as the second team.

      No civ selected. I prefer random civ selection. Random map style and played on no larger than regular (so we can get together to talk about what worked and what didn't before we start a multi-site game).
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        4th team, Trash Trip's Ass, started by NYE.

        5th team, Roleplay Team, started by Togas.

        Keep in mind, if you don't find some way to tell me you have a team, you won't be listed.


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          Umm, please excuse my obvious ignorance, but what are the teams for? How do they work? Is this gonna cost me anything?
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            The team you join is who you will play the game with, together you will act as one person or rather one civ.

            Also I have a suggestion that you don't list a team here until it has say atleast 3 members that way you wont get 8 teams and have 6 be of 1 or 2 people and then have people stop trying to get teams organized.


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              Will it be possible to join after the teams have chosen their civs(assuming there are slots left?)