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Unauthorized Transmissions....(letter to His Grace, the King of Spain)

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    Indeed, BigFree....and not to worry over the city-renaming thing, they'll be back in Spanish hands soon, and then we can start thinking in terms of returning the favor....

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      GS and Spamia couldn't take a city if they tried. Come to think of they haven't tried.................

      All they do is gift them back and forth to one another!


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        Originally posted by Velociryx

        That said, I return your noble and gentlemanly gesture of a wish for the best, tip my hat to you, and....we'll see you out there....

        (Wayward son of Stormia)
        Be not taken in by the deception of this creature, friend Velociryx - this UnOrthOdOx is no man as you or I. This is a beast from the everlasting fiery hell sent to destroy the Lord's Holiest lands. I thank you and your mighty nation for their assistance in repulsing the repugnance of GoW and the depraved Godlessness of Neu Demogyptica, and I pray for your souls in battle against such parodies of humanity.

        Back to the ROOTS of addiction. My first missed poll!