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PTW 1.21 will not load after patch

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  • PTW 1.21 will not load after patch

    I love all the other patches but I can not get 1.21 to run. The disk picture spins for awhile and then .... nothing.

    I have reinstalled everything and patched again and .... nothing. I had to revert to the old patch 1.14 I think it is.

    Any help please?????

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    I did find another thread on this but he had updated ALI IDE drivers to uninstall .... I do not.

    I have now e-mailed support.
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      I would have said that you patched the european version with US-only 1.21 pacth, but you're from the States, so this is not likely.
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        Have you checked for any updates to your drivers that you do have on your system?
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          OK I have updated video and sound drivers. Same thing.

          Each time i install 121 it zaps it. I get the screen to select play but the game will not come up.

          I can not just repair/reinstall. I must uninstall PTW and reinstall. then do 114 and works great.

          I wonder if it has to do with copy protection. I am using the originals.
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