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    I have tried a few games in which some civilisations can not build settlers. This gets more civs into the game without slowing my computer down appreciably yet adds to the diplomatic complexity. For me, this adds to my enjoyment of the game. Seems to work well on a map up to standard size. (It does seem to make the game more violent though).

    Some of those one city civs last right up to the end of the game (but I give them technology which all the boys have). Of course who ever wipes out a civ pays a diplomatic price.

    I might start these minor civs with one settler, or two settlers, perhaps with an extra trait or no traits, or an extra tech.

    Just an idea which can be set up with a few minutes work in the editor if anyone wants to try it out.

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    I want to try it. Make it and post the file please!

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      Sorry, I do not how to post a file on the internet. (Anyway my scenarios are quite rough and ready, I spend about 5 minutes preparing one then play it and create a new scenario next game)

      You can set civilisations so they can build settlers. Go into the editor and select the "units" tab, then select settler and unmark any civilisation you want to prevent from building settlers.

      To change civilisation traits, select the "civilisations" tab, the select a civilisation and check whatever traits you want and you can do the same with techs.

      To give an extra settler or other starting units to a civilisation use the Player Data option.

      Hope this helps.