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    La Fayette - I would be grateful if French technology could prevent my freight trains coming off the rails and hitting a tree!

    Your TGV Rail System is the envy of most countries - I for one wish we enjoyed a similar network in the UK. However, I read that the subsidies the system needs are always increasing. Your micromanagement skills are needed.

    Whilst the TGV system has not thankfully had any serious accidents, that is not the case for the ordinary trains in your country. I am thinking of the disasters at Vierzy, Argenton sur Creuse, Gare de Lyon and Melun.



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      Your procedure works very well for me, with one exception. Instead of libraries, universities, etc., it is more economical to build more settlers and start more cities. You’ll get more beakers for the number of shields expended, and less gold will be tied up supporting science improvements early in the game, when gold is harder to come by.


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        [quote]Originally posted by Scouse Gits on 03-05-2001 11:59 AM

        . Your micromanagement skills are needed.

        May I brag, just for the fun of it?
        Those skills have in fact been at use, since I am the proud author of a study named "La desserte ferroviaire à moyenne distance des métropoles régionales".
        I agree with you though: no Lord of the Rings protects french railways from disasters (about 10 dead/year on the average during the last 50 years, against 8000 on the roads).
        Long live civ2 railroad network, the most secure in the world!

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