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A tough challenge for the SP expert.

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  • A tough challenge for the SP expert.

    I recently installed the mod that allows you to build much bigger maps(up to 32768 squares) I tried a 250x130 map on deity with 7 civs, and tried to conquer the world. It seems like it will not be possible to do this by 2020. It is 1700, and I have almost conquered one civ, and found a second, but much of the map is still dark. On MGE, all the civs are hostile, and won't trade maps. I think if I can give them about 5 techs, it may be possible.
    Has anybody worked on the strategies for a very large world?
    My plan is to send out caravels(+magellans) with two dips and a settler to found a beach head near the other civs when I find them. At home, I will build up the economy and use the gold to bribe the target civ cities.

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    Geofelt, winning on a Giga map is ex-treme-ly easy, even if you're set on conquering the world.
    Simply start tipping all the huts asap, the AI has no clue!

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      Build good communications. Gather an army of 50+ engineers and railroad your way to the AI. You will have to build a few handy cities as "channel ports" where a transport is capable of bridging two continents in one turn. When the AI is in sight send in a few caravans before you start taking their cities, then you will have a war chest which will allow bribing or cash for more troops. Trade bonuses can be BIG on giga maps!

      Yes - build Magellan's and Marco's for the map exchanges (true - this harder than 2.42 but they will play after an encarta of tech!)- and hunt huts!

      Beware having a series of isolated "Cubas" near AI civs. If war breaks out this is their first target. On the first giga map I played I had an Advanced Tribe near India. First they stole a tech, then next turn bribed the place for another one!


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        Geofelt, et al.:

        Another useful challenge in SP is to use a standard-size map and simply wait 1000 to 3000 years to go by before establishing your first city. I've found that this approach can even make a game at the warlord level a bit stimulating, particularly if one or more AI civilizations has gotten a helluva good start elsewhere on the planet.

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          Is the the limit of cities still 255 in this mod?


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            Indeed, is 255 cities still the limit?
            Rome rules


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              I fear so -- the no-limits mod fixes cash and population limits, but it appears that the city limit of 255 is too integral to the whole game for Julius to find a way round it ...

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                Originally posted by geofelt on 02-06-2001 07:59 PM
                I recently installed the mod that allows you to build much bigger maps(up to 32768 squares).

                there's a mod to be installed to create those maps? I never knew... well, gigamaps don't work in FW for me, only in MGE... does that mean I can get them to work in FW, too?