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  • Very Smart, or Very Stupid?

    Just for a joke, i decided to check how all the other civs were doing in my current game, by lookign through the cheat menu.

    I am the Egytpians: 8 cities, Income: 113, Expense: 100, Science: 875, discoveries every 2 turns, 57 techs

    Romans: 19 cities, Income: 76, Expense: 159, Science 293, discoveries every 4 turns, 48 techs

    Chinese: 11 cities, Income: 0{!!!!!), Expense: 110, Science: 267, discoveries every 4 turns, 45 techs

    Carthaginians: 16 cities, Income: 54, Expense: 90, Science: 74, Discoveries every 12 turns, 38 techs

    Gazpichi (ToT extended game alien civ): 15 cities, Income: 17, Expense: 32, Science: 21, Discoveries every 14 turns, 18 techs

    My super Science city is in full swing, producing 648 sci/turn... meaning my 7 helper cities are producing 227 beakers on their own... keeping pace with the next two civilizations. How sad is that? This utter lack of management by the computer is what kills it. Although some of this may show how the AI attempt to keep pace (The chinese setting their tax rate to zero so that they could max out their science, for example), but if they simply managed better it would not take those extremes. I am running at 20% taxes and no luxuries in my Democracy, and I have a positive balance and no unhappiness. Granted I have Mike's and Bach's, but still

    I mean for instance... take the Carth's... Instead of building Libraries and Universities in their cities with decent trade, they set half of their cities to building Women's Suffrage, and the other half are building transports.. what a waste! Especially for a Republic! They could easily triple their science and make a competitive game.. but noooo!

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    just for fun I went through and cheated the improvements needed by the Carthaginians to make them more successful... when I brought the Science rate up to 80%, they had 236 beakers procuded a turn, or just about tripling what they were producing before. And for them to run at a positive cash flow (158 inc, 157 exp, but still), they could still be getting techs every 7 turns. It's all in the managemnt...


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      well your science is 4 times his, but your tech discovery rate is only 2 times his. As I posted in my other thread in the general section I stuggle beating the ai at the highest leve peacefully. Actually I have never done it. Yes I can smash them down with knights/crusaders or later on with cavalry/tanks. But no matter how many caravans I was producing and my massive science cities they cheated and out scienced me. I actually quite that game. My only hope was to build nothing but military units and conquer the world. Done that so many times I am bored of it. I just wanted to create massive industrial cities and beat them to alpha centauri. I should also mention my population was like twice theirs.
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        The ai has only 2 problems that really put them behind. They don't get the right city sights: How often have you seen the ai have one of his first cities at size 2 in the 1600s? They either build where there isn't enough food or there isnt enough production. Either way, their cities can't produce much. I haven't seen AI cities with over 8 production without factories or KRC. Also, the Ai doesnt build the right things. They build too many units, not enough marketplaces or settlers.. etc.

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          DA, I also had about 9-12 more techs than the AI, which is why I can have such a much higher sci, but not a huge sci rate. I am planning on blowing out the AI today when I am gonna make trade routes for the rest of my cities, and build Superhighways. Superhighways can be one of the best city improvements if the timing is right. I guess you could say that about any improvement though...