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  • La Fayette
    i) yes, I'll buy it.
    ii) If civ3 is fun, I play it. If not, I turn back to civ2. No problem.
    iii) There are at least a 'crusade' succession game and a Rome PBEM that I wouldn't like to stop now.

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  • Rasbelin
    I have preordered Civ III BTE, so I will buy it.

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  • Smash
    I will know whether it is good or bad long before it is available for mac........unless i buy a pc....which is a distinct possibility.

    There is a potential for a huge disappointment.Much has been made of this latest effort to improve Civ.We'll see.It looks real good so far...

    civ2 mp has had its life extended for at least 6 months though.From what I've seen,3 doesn't look very good for mp right now.I can see why they are backburnering that right now.Seems to me there is alot of work to be done in that area.

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  • Xin Yu
    I'll probably borrow a copy of it from a friend, find a bug or two, then wait till the price drop.

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  • mp4
    I will not buy it now. I'm a poor student and it will be much cheaper next year...

    If I was a rich IT businessman I would consider byuing it... Yes, I would buy it if I had the money :-)

    Civ 2 is a wonderful game, just like Panzer General. Allied General and Panzer General 2 are not as good as PG, so Civ 3 may not be as good as Civ 2.

    The fact that Civ 2 is such a wonderful game makes it very hard to beat. New units, better graphics and more animations doesn't make it a better game. Something that is hard to define is needed. Civ 2 has it, and I hope Civ 3 has it too.

    Age of Empires 2 is an example of a game which has good graphics, animations, sounds and a lot of units and improvements, yet it is not half as good as Civ 2.

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  • ColdWizard
    no MP so no Civ3 for me

    i) no
    ii) yes (there's no MP)
    iii) yes

    ming and rah are bad influences and may weaken my resolve though

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  • Ming
    Sure I will buy it...

    It doesn't have MP... BUMMER!

    I will play Civ II MP until Civ III MP is available... probably less than a year

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  • Carolus Rex
    started a topic Who will buy...

    Who will buy...

    ...Civ III?

    I know, I know. Wrong forum, but I want to hear what the people posting here expect of Civ III.

    i) Will you buy/not buy Civ III?

    ii) Do you think it will be a disappointment?

    iii) Will we still be playing Civ II a year from now, waiting for the next rip-off attempt (Civ IV or Call to (Consumers' Purchasing) Power III )?

    My own answers:

    i) Buy

    ii) Yes

    iii) Yes