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Hoovers damned and power question.

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    Yeah. The whole 'every city on continent' thing is bogus. It's every city in your empire.

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  • Smash
    its not a bug but a manual misprint.Hoover's and JSB work in every city regardless of it's location.

    You don't need more than 1 power plant per city so if you have hydros in all of them you cant build power plants.You will however,be able to build solar plants in really bad polluter cities when they become available(Enviromentalism)

    All types of power plants produce the same amount of sheilds.Where they differ is the amount of pollution they produce.As you discover new cleaner power sources you have the option to update.
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    started a topic Hoovers damned and power question.

    Hoovers damned and power question.

    In a recent game, playing on a large world with archaepelagos, I grew what was essentially a bi-contenential civilization on two small continents. I built the lighthouse early, and hence my triremes carrying settlers for colonization crossed the oceans without the fear of sinking. It was nifty to have that flexibility, as I would have been a pain to destroy b/c I was on two large landmasses.

    Anyhow, as such, centuries later, I built the Hoovers Dam wonder, which I understand provides hydro power to every city on the continent. Not only did it provide power for continent A, but also it provided juice for all of my cities, as the computer didn't permit me to build any other sorts of power sources -- hydro, nuke, or regular power -- aside from solar. My question is, then, why did this happen across my civilization? Is there a bug in Hoovers (and possibly J.S. Bach's as well) that spreads their benefits to every city, not just a single continent? Why couldn't I build other power plants? Was I "locked in" to hydro after Hoovers?

    Any responses and insights appreciated.