This is one great Barb trick that I do. I am usually not to violent a guy so I am kinda slow at getting defenders in my cities. Every now and then a barb raiding party will land near Vladvistock. They say gimmie 387 gold or they will do there worst. So what do i do? I let them take it. Then I rush a dip and go buy it back for like 46. What does it gain me? Well I get the free leigon and I get the caraval they came in on, and whatever else was in the caraval. Mucho free units.

If there are more barb trick I need them, On raging hordes why not use barbs to your advantage? There are plenty of them.

Of the subject... When I play ICS and discover gunpowder it get very slow, since building this musketiers takes 3 times longer then my pikmen. Am I missing somthing?

Ah man! Ghandi! New game.

-Genghis Al