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Self-handicapping, using the ToT Fantasy Game

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  • Self-handicapping, using the ToT Fantasy Game

    Here's a different way to self-handicap: take advantage of the fact that in the fantasy game, the tribe you chose to play cannot create (or in some cases even possess) units reserved for other tribes.

    Pick a tribe; then go into rules.txt and beef up the characteristcs of units that can only (or mostly) be used against you. Then see if you can still win. Good luck.

    The goblins are strong in a way that the AI understands, and they usually provide tough competition. Make the goblin-specific units a bit stronger and you will have your work cut out for you.

    Avoid playing the goblins, stygians, merfolk or elves yourself; try to win with the weaker humans, buteo or infidels.

    - toby

    toby robison
    toby robison