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Zero Science Rate + Super Science City

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  • Zero Science Rate + Super Science City

    For a full discussion please check the thread 'Help me (balancing my science and tax rate)'.

    In single player I suggest the following:

    Before Monarchy, set 60% science, 40% tax. Get to Monarchy ASAP then change the government.

    After Monarchy until Invention, set 0% science, 70% tax, 30% luxury. Build marketplace/bank in cities (whenever possible build stock exchange as well). Also build one Super Science city which has library/university/Colossus/Coperius/Newton in addition to marketplace/bank. Rely on goody huts and diplomacy to get science advances.

    After Invention, you cannot get advances from goody huts. Now maximize the science rate (70% science, 30% tax for Monarchy; 80% science, 20% tax for republic). Also make all citizens to scientists in cities with pop 5 and more. The Super Science City will kick in now so you'll get an advance every 1-2 turns. That helps you to pass by this period quickly. The first goal is railroad, then after that democracy. You may want to build the Darwin's Voyage after RR to get 2 free techs. Happiness should not be a big problem since scientists are content. After several turns you put the citizens back to work to refill the foodbox for one turn (increase luxury on this turn), then put them back to scientist the next turn (reduce the luxury again). Keep this 1-2 rhythm (worker with high luxury rate/scientist with high science rate) until you get to democracy.

    After democracy you set 0% science, 80% tax, 20% luxury. Rely on caravans to get one advance per turn (keep at least one scientist in your super science city). Adam Smith's repeated commodity trading strategy will allow you to identify matching commodities. Two continental trading strategy will maximize your trade potential. Your goal is first corporation (freight) then automobile (superhighways). Be flexible at science rate. If you cannot get one advance per turn due to pathetic trade bonus, you should raise the science rate. But soon you'll be quite comfortable with your trade revenue then you can reduce the science rate according to the situation.

    After automobile, you can build superhighways and the trade bonus will be huge. At this point you can set whatever science/tax/luxury rate you want and still get enough money and science from trade. Adam Smith prefer maximizing science, I prefer maximizing tax. Don't forget to build airports when you discover advanced flight.

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    Originally posted by Xin Yu on 03-07-2000 04:32 PM

    After democracy you set 0% science, 80% tax, 20% luxury. Rely on caravans to get one advance per turn (keep at least one scientist in your super science city).

    Please explain. How do you get advances from caravans with 0% science rate?

    Also, WRT "toggling" between "high science rate & einsteins" and "high lux rate & workers"; I have full confidence that you're correct (sparkling reputation) but how much benefit does this confer, compared to leaving both in a balanced position?
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      This works... the only problem is if you don't get all the wonders... doesn't work very well in MP, sometimes multiple people will go for this. Then this strategy will colapse. But in single player, with the stupid, predictable AI it works like a charm
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        When you trade, you get a cash bonus from each caravan (except food caravans). The same amount of science will also be added to your research. So if you trade a lot in one turn you'll get enough science for an advance. Since you hire at least one scientist, your research rate is not zero even with 0% science rate, so you'll get an advance each turn.

        Toggling between worker and scientist will save you food. Suppose the worker turn gives you one food surplus, the scientist turn gives you 30 food deficit, you can still toggle them each turn.