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    Is it possible to win at diety level every time? It seems like a 50/50 shot to me. Half the time I get surrounded by two civs and they prevent me from expanding early in the game. I was just wondering if it's even possible to win every time.

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    The lazy man's answer: yes!



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      Again, yes. In a recent game I decided to play an map with lots of islands, for kicks. I started on an island with the Aztecs and Greeks. Its very simple to expand as much as you can, rush to chivalry, build sun tzu's and wipe those suckers out.

      I tend to play these maps more now, because I like to be thrown in at the deep end, I've got very bored of large land area where I spend the first however many thousand years build lots of cities and being bored. It just isn't fun to wait until you have 50 cities to attack the ai.

      The problem with these island maps is that is makes the ai much easier to beat, they tend to expand even less than usual.


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        You should be able to win almost every time. Aggressive barbarians might be able to wipe you out if you are not careful. It is probably hardest to win by conquest on a 40x250 map, but it is a pain getting from one end to the other and time runs out.
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          Hi geofelt

          I read your very old post on playing on 250 times 20 map. Is it any fun?