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    Most definitely Bohlen. My name is so long because I am registered at several other places under the same name and it's the only one that fits the requirements that the different sites have. It's also easy for me and others to remember. What's your favorite ep? I'm partial to Pod People and Space Mutiny myself.
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      My biggest blunder was in my first game on diety, that must have been 3 maybe even 4 years ago. I was doing pretty well, I was pretty far ahead in techs. Then suddenly guys were attacking me with tanks, they took a few of my cities. Man I got pissed. So I decided to build the Manhattan project for revenge, saving the game just in case. A guy came to me asking for peace. I said OK. I asked for an alliance, I thought he was asking for Radio, but it was really rocketry. I built Mahattan next turn, bought a bunch of nukes.

      It went downhile from there. Little did I know that the guy I gave rocketry shared it with all his little AI buddies. Next turn each and every one of my cities was hit by a nuke! Not to mention about 15 others because of wars between the AIs. Global warming. So I thought to myself good thing I saved it only about 10 turns ago. I clicked on it and tried to hit the enter key at the end of my keyboard instead I hit delete then enter.

      Damn was I pissed. I had just spent the last 6 straight hours playing a game that was deleted. So I left my computer in a furious rage. The next day I looked in my recycling bin and I found it. I undeleted it and tried playing it. Then guess what happened... it wouldn't load something about components missing. Well thats all I have to say.

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        Crow..... that sucks..... unfortunately for me i often forget to have revolutions and such.... or even worse i forget to move the tax brackets accordingly and often go into disorder hehe.... i am lazy sometimes

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          Space Mutiny! What a riot! I like a lot of them, but some of my favorites include Pumaman, Warrior of the Lost World, and...are you ready?...Jack Frost. I know, it's a sick ep and a sick thing to say, but it's so damn funny. I'll start a Off-Topic on this and see how many Misties we have out here.
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