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Managing a no specials start.

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  • Managing a no specials start.

    DaveV's thread on resources is quite interresting, but doesn't deal with getting to monarchy quickly, getting those techs and shields to a key wonder, etc. And quite often one will find himself with grassland, trees, and seas among the terrain availible in one's starting area, but no specials.

    Specifically here I'm talking about double production, since that seems to be the most popular MP resource setting. So roads on grassland are disproportionately disadvantaged in trade compared to sea squares.

    Some options:

    build a defensive unit, working primarily a grassland square and a forest, then a settler, trying to keep the city at size 2 or less (hard to do in double production!)

    build 3 defensive units, allowing the city to grow a bit before starting on the settler, and working a combiniation of grassland, trees, and seas. Then build settlers. This allows the city to produce trade as well as settlers, and if one can get to monarchy faster because of this one will be able to make up for being a bit behind in expansion.

    do one of the above, or a hybrid, but put off that first settler build off long enough to build a warrior (or in the case of Makeo about 15 warriors) for exploration.

    Without specials and while still in despotism (and the consequent unhappiness after more than 4 cities in diety games I have found that it can pay to let the first 2 cities grow a bit before building settlers, and if you have no non units it is vital to send a warrior or 2 out to find another couple of viable city sites. Of course it also depends on if I am going to start a wonder right away.
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    probably a combo but leaning towards option A.You know somebody has trade specials so I think you have to try expand like crazy.It depends on finding a hut early.And the hut's contents.Gold makes option A easier.A unit(preferably a four legged variety)is used to explore.A tech can be double edged.Hopefully it is a monarchy pre-requisit.

    Best prepare for a no wonder civ for awhile as there is never any guarantee but especially here.An alliance is HIGHLY desirable so contact is important to "keep up"

    This is why 2x can be unbalanced.If you get say a whale and silk and I get notta,you have twice the lead as a 1x normal game.And it just gets bigger when citizen #2 arrives.
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      I just keep wandering until i find some specials.

      But i think the best thing to do if you don't have a special is to, switch them around like you say. Micro manage like crazy and try and get as much trade as possible.

      What I usually do is work the ocean and use rush buy for production.
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        Makeo.. working the ocean is good in x2 games but in x1 it really slows your growth... i do it but i wonder if i weren't better off allowing my civ to grow?
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          I had specialless game recently and I went for the "allow cities to grow a little" and did pretty good.I think either of these methods will work.But this way you don't have a city "hanging".If you play small maps and raging hordes ,unprotected cities don't last too long after a certain point.The barbs appear or someone stumbles across your new city.And,on a small map you really dont need many cities at all.Especially 2x production

          I don't know why they forgot about 2xing roads.But 2x is 2x.I was recently annoyed when playing a 1x1 game.I actually had to build roads and............irrigate.I had almost forgotten about irrigating non special squares.I'll play 2x but it is not true civing.For a one night slugfest its great but not a long term game.Better than no play at all though.

          I've seen players really crap out on 1x.Why?It is not that they are poor players,it is that they have gotten very accustomed to 2x and it's "timing" 1x is a different animal.Takes awhile to reaquaint yourself.I think its far more "even".Thats one of our favorite gripes-the "randomness" of starting positions.2x just exaggerates it further.
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          The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu