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I was wondering about game loyalty

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    "Life dull and blank"????? Remind me not to go to Finland.


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      I think it was daveV who stated something about familiarity..... and i think thats a major one for those of us who don't have the time to learn a new game. Alot of gamers tend to follow a loyal pattern to games.... Many of us started off with civ way back in 91 or later so the switcy to civ2 wasnt that difficult. Those are the same people who will go out and buy and be VERY LOYAL to civ3 if it is even half as good as civ2....
      I don't speak for everyone and i am sure you will let me know, but i know there are some of you there that will drop civ2 for awhile, while you learn to master with joy or with pain the next installment of this brilliant series brought to us by the man who created the origional.... (yes i know some of the best guys left the team but we can still hope that Sid hasn't sold out)
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        Let's face it: CTP, SMAC and the zillion others are mere clones of our beloved game. Some of them are o.k. (SMAC), but most of them are dowright crap. If I venture out to play other games, they have got to be different. Like Pharaoh, or the Sims. None have ever quite caught my imagination like CIV has, though. Usually, I go through a phase where I'm into an other game for about a month or two, and then get back to CIV. It just can't be beaten for sheer depth of gameplay.
        Furthermore, I have to agree with Steve: Sci-fi and Fantasy are just not my cup of tea. (Maybe if I was from Finland, I'd need some escapism too).

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          Finland is a pretty good place. But I'm down with Steve. Space ships are too dull to be bothered with beyond what I can see at the cinema. I can't relate to them closely enough to play a game around them (well, maybe Freelancer...) and fantasy elements don't even have the appeal of believing that they ever could happen.

          Bring on Civ III with crusaders,moors et al but leave the dragons at home.

          Time for bed now.



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            [quote]Originally posted by vee4473 on 05-20-2000 03:24 PM

            I myself play both games and like them both ALOT, but I was curious if there were guys out there who are pure Civ2 fans that won't touch AC or if there are guys who think that AC completely demolishes Civ2 and they haven't touched there copy of Civ2 since AC was released..

            well, i was addicted to civ2, but then i got smac, and haven't played civ2 since. we got CTP too, but i played that once and haven't touched it since, i hate the interface! tried it again yesterday, it's just icky.

            but then again, i'm not a guy, so i'm not sure my reply fits into your poll...


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              I play both CivII and SMAC Planetary Pack. I love CivII for the great depth of gameplay and the historical settings (hey, there is a scenario for just about every period in history - how's THAT for a GREAT game system).

              I'm a strategy and history junkie - most games I play HAVE to be historical or a wargame.

              Now SMAC is the ONLY SciFi game I have EVER bought. Why? Great graphics, indepth gameplay, fantastic diplomacy model, and the fact that I can at least stretch my imagination to believe that yes, perhaps some earth colonists did escape earth (after all one of the objectives in CivII IS to get to Alpha Centauri), and landed on a distant planet. So I have fun with it from that perspective. But ALL other SciFi/fantasy games turn me right off - just can't get into them...

              As far as Civ III is concerned - my gut feeling is that this is going to be a great game. Why? No other game is so clearly identified with Sid Meier, strategy or with gaming excellence. I just cannot imagine Sid allowing Civ III to be released without being perfect in every way... Man when that game hits the stores there will be a stampede, the likes of which we have never seen before. The Civilization games have defined the terms "fun", "addictive" and "strategy".

              Long live Sid and Civilization...

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                Hey there KMadeleine!!!!

                Of course your reply fits into my poll!!!!

                Sorry if I sounded like i only wanted "guys" opinions....

                I meant everybody. Like girls like you.


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