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I was wondering about game loyalty

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  • I was wondering about game loyalty


    I was just wondering...I visit the Alpha Centauri forums and the Civ2 forums, and I noticed that although some people visit both forums, there seems to be a distinct separation of people who play Civ2 and those who play Alpha Centauri.

    Some of the regular people who post on the Civ2 forums don't post on the Alpha Centauri forums, and vice versa.

    I myself play both games and like them both ALOT, but I was curious if there were guys out there who are pure Civ2 fans that won't touch AC or if there are guys who think that AC completely demolishes Civ2 and they haven't touched there copy of Civ2 since AC was released..

    To site a couple of examples...I know about the Velociryx in the AC forums, but never see him in the Civ2 forums....and I don't recall ever seeing Venger or War4ever or Oldman in the AC forums..

    If I am incorrect because I haven't browsed the forums thoroughly enough please tell me.

    Are there really guys out there that love either AC or Civ2 so much that they don't ever play or feel the want to post on the other's forum?

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    I play SMAC, Civ2 and CTP and read and post in the forums for all three games (although my SMAC posts are mostly PBEM turn updates). But most people here seem to play only one of these three games, or at least they only seem to post in the forums of one game. I guess they find their favourite game so much better than the other games that they don't play those other games.


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      I have to agree with what Paul said. I own civ civ2 ctp tot smac fw smacx etc..... they are all interesting games with smac and civ being my favorites.

      However, i dont' post in the SMAC section because the game doesn't hold the same value for me. I like SMAC but i prefer civ and thats generally where i post. It took me months to post in the off topic forums.

      And while i have knowledge of many things about the other games, my true passion and knowledge again lies with civ2
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        perhaps cuz I got Civ2 first those others are just cheap copies to me.Might have been the other way round if I'd got CTP or SMAC first.

        But,for now all civ type games are compared to civ2 in my mind.

        Is it like civ2?

        Is it as good as civ2?


        hmmm..maybe I don't want civ3
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          Yes you do. You know you do.

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            I've never played ctp, smac etc. Only civ2
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              I played SMAC and CTP but never really posted to their forums. When I have posted to the SMAC forums it seems to be fourteen year olds that find a virtue in being fourteen that reply. I think SMAC is a more challenging game but it has no atmosphere. I only post to the CTP forums to dis the game. I supposte your right really.

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                One explanation is that the SMAC forums were once a seperate forum, it's still 'unfamiliar ground' to us conservative old civvers..
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                  I am a pure civ II fan. While I have played SMAC, I hated it. I haven't even botherd to buy TOT or CTP either. I'm a civ II kinda gal although I might give civ III a go..

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                    Me & my girlfriend have both Civ2 (GE) and SMAC : it happens that though we both like those games, I prefer the "historical" taste of Civ2 - I'd rather play with CiC, non FW -, and she appreciates the differences between the 7 SMAC characters.

                    She also enjoyed Colonization, I didn't, I've played a lot with Railroad Tycoon, she found it too repetitive, we both played Imperialim, etc...

                    Mostly, whether we appreciate a strategy game does not depend on the game engine (which has to be good, at least :-) ), but mainly on the atmosphere...


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                      I played the SMAC demo and felt like it's probably a better game; I've never tried CTP. My problem with playing those games is the same one I run into in playing scenarios in Civ2: learning curve. I've been playing Civ for something like 7 years, and I know the game inside and out. I don't really have the time or desire to learn another game as intimately, and I'd be frustated playing at a lower level. Plus, I'm a cheapskate. Why spend more money when I haven't exhausted the capabilities of this game?

                      I also enjoy interacting with the online community here. The challenge games and new ideas keep me interested in the game. If traffic died out on the Civ forums, I'd be tempted to move to SMAC, but things always seem to keep perking along...


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                        I began with civ I, loved it, got cvi II, became an addict about six years ago. I like SMAC, because of the easier micromanagement, the better diplomacy, and the four different ways of winning, just to name some reasons. what I dislike most about SMAC is the DesignWorkshop because there´s too much possible Units and too much work maintaining your existing units. I like civ II most, because it has the perfect balance of simple, straight game-principe and complex strategy.
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                          I've only played Civ and Civ 2 and have never played any of the branch games. Not that I don't want to, my PC has a small hard drive so I take what I can get. And what I can get is Civ 2. DaveV pretty much said it all. This game is enthralling. Somehow it continues to suck me in and keep me up too late at night. MP is great, but slow too, so I still get a kick out of playing SP. The folks in the Civ2 forums all cool enough to talk to and don't put you down just because you "discovered" something out about the game that someone brought up two years ago.

                          I'd love to play SMAC. When I first read a pre-release review, I almost fainted. It looks awesome. When I end up playing it, I'll most likely post to the forum as well. But, Civ2 is king. It always will be.

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                            For me, a simple answer really. I hate anything to do with scifi and fantasy (gee, I wondered if I've said that before ), and SMAC, ToT, CtP all appears to be based on those premises. (Actually CtP seemed to be based on a pile of crap, but that's another thread). I know people have played those games thinking that 'units are units' and focus on strategy, but I can't do that. The minute that I see robots, drones, aliens, monsters, spaceships, etc. in a game, I lose all interest.


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                              Steve, you must be out of your mind. DISLIKE FANTASY AND SCI-FI?!??!?!?!

                              Thats impossible! I mean, real life is so dull and blank. Nothing fun, such as magic or robots (okay, we have robots, but they are not really that advanced. I heard they had built a robot that had the equivalent of a 2-year olds intelligence. I want better) or anything. For me, the most boring game would be a Civ game without any fantasy elements.
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