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Demographics, how do they work?

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  • Demographics, how do they work?

    And once I got a NEGATIVE family size, WTF is up with that?
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    People here have figured out the formulae for most (if not all) the demographic categories. Sadly, I don't know where that is. Maybe search the CivII Strategy forum for threads relating to that...
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      isnt' that in the civ library. hold on,...


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        Approval Rating % Ratio of happy to unhappy people
        GNP million $ Based on trade and tax/luxury rates
        Manufactured goods Mtons Total number of shields (including unit support)
        Land Area sq. miles Number of squares that your units have been the last to move through
        Literacy % Based on number of Libraries, Universities, Research Labs; discovery of Writing, Literacy; science rate
        Disease % Based on number of Aqueducts, Sewer Systems; discovery of Medicine, Sanitation
        Pollution tons Total number of "smoke stacks" times 10
        Life Expectancy years
        Family size children Based on average food surplus
        Military Service years Number of military units in relation to population
        Annual Income $ per capita
        Productivity Shields (minus support) per square in use (?)

        Summary: you probably have a negative food surplus. Which is impressive (in a bad way ) because it averages all your cities.


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          Civ2 "Great Library Index": direct download, Apolyton attachment


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            Actually, once I had a negative family size by having all of my cities have absurdly high surpluses...
            oh god how did this get here I am not good with livejournal


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              The military service one is wierd too. I alway seem to place dead last in that category. Probably because I'm constantly turning over old units for new ones.
              Would be cool to see an expanded demo section, maybe with things like infant mortality and number of men in your standing army

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