After playing TOT for a while I decided to load up Civ2 for playing some scenarios. Imagine my dismay when I found that the Civ2 crashes whenever you start it. I get an error message stating that Civ2.exe cause a Stack Fault in IR41.dll. Hate it when that happens. After trolling for clues on the forums here and not having much luck I thought I would be stuck calling Microprose in the morning and having them tell me that it wasn't supported and I was out of luck. Not one to give up that easily, I went digging and found that IR41.dll is part of the Indeo (sp) viewer. A quick search on the net for a 32-bit viewer from Intel and I spent a few hours last night playing Civ2!!!

Thought I'd post the fix I found for the next guy who needs it.

BTW, I couldn't find the files at Intel's site so if you need the files, email me and I can forward them to you.