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  • kcbob
    The reign of kcbob (as told to the sages)

    In the first year of the reign of kcbob, otherwise known as 1 KC, the quaint civilization of Apolyton began to establish its roots. Small changes were made to help the people prosper. Workers were moved from a productive shield plot of land to work in the silk fields to the northeast of Christantinople. Revenue increased as well as alchemy research. A city, called by its inhabitants Paris, was seen on the horizon to the north.

    In 50 KC, civil unrest swept over the good people of Apolyton. Our scout horseman was forced to rest, his journey into the unknown so taxing on him that he was no longer capable of covering the great distances he was wont to travel.

    In 100 KC, after many years of turmoil, the good people of Apolyton trained a new Phalanx unit with the specific orders of quelling the unrest. It was decided that for the good of the people, new settlers should be trained with the intent of connecting the two cities of Apolyton by road. While hills and mountains lay between the two and the work would no doubt require centuries of labor, the increase in commerce and defense warranted the decision. In addition, our noble archer was recalled to survey the lands to the south, long feared for the potential of hiding other warlike civilizations.

    In 150 KC, after many long years of recuperation, our horseman regained his strength and again went forth intent on furthering our knowledge of the world. As a result, it was in 200 KC that he came upon the city of Orleans of the tribe of Frogs. And with honor in his heart and a white flag in his hand, the dishonorable French viciously attacked him in 250 KC. A pox on all Frogs! To show these black hearted people that the great nation of Apolyton is to be feared, our horseman went forth into battle and lo, the city of Orleans fell! 42 gold was collected in tribute. And all the world shuddered.

    It was at this time that the people of Apolyton began work on the Colossus. The people of Apolyton desired to build something great, something to show the world that while we are not to be trifled with militarily, as the French had learned, we also were capable of great things in other facets of life. And while later rulers may choose to divert the work to other wonders, this was the choice laid before the people.

    In 300 KC, our archer discovered a feeding ground for whales to the west of Apolyton. It was hoped that future generations might be able to prosper by this.

    And then in 400 KC, to the joy of the people, Mysticism! Doors were unlocked that were heretofore thought closed. And so the people pondered these doors, thought of the implications, and it was decided… laws were needed to better rule the masses. A Code of Laws was begun.

    In 450 KC, a phalanx was purchased in Orleans so as to free up our noble horseman for further exploration.

    In 500 KC, with the phalanx completed and fortified, settlers were begun in Orleans. The people were restless. And also in this year, a most tragic episode was averted. Our archer, while exploring further to the west, came upon a people more aggressive than thought possible. Bearing a banner of red, these barbarians turned on our archer in an instant. But, praise be to the gods, our archer was victorious!

    And so it was that in the year 600 KC, new settlers went forth from Apolyton, out into the world for the good of the people. Behind them, the training of a diplomat was begun. The lesson learned from the French was still burning in our hearts. We would be ready the next time negotiations were required.

    More exploration was done, more growth as a nation, and in the year 750 KC, on the verge of completing the Code of Laws, kcbob passed the mantle of power to Smash, King of the Canucks!

    Frodo lives!

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  • Christantine The Great
    A Beginning: The Apolyton MGE Civilization.

    It was a strange start. All 10,000 members of the Apolyton tribe suddenly looked up above them and saw a great disk. It went over to the newly elected chieftan, Christantine, and hovered over his head for a moment then shot up to the heavens. The people were awed. The silence was broken when Christantine stood up and said, "It is time for a new beginning. The beginning of Apolyton!" The people rejoiced. They quickly took down their tents and erected more sturdy buildings. They made a special mud hut for their leader with a nice rock for him to sit on. They called this new "city" Apolyton. Christantine one day called the bravest of the defenders of the city for more formal training. They were given bronze shields and armor, invented just before the founding of Apolyton, and a name, Phalanx. They were a fierce group and they could defend well. They were stationed inside the city to defend aganst any barbarians. Christantine called the best animal tamers in the land to try to tame the horse so it would be fit to ride. They suceeded in a short time and soon horse riding scouts were out exploring. He sent some of the unsettled workers to start an irrigation patch near the city for food. After that the settlers were sent out to found a new city, Christantinople, in tribute to the new leader.

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  • Multiplayer Gold Edition Succession Team Story Thread

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